Going “Twice as Far” on Sundays The Walking Dead


If you needed any more life motivation for the week then look no further than AMC The Walking Dead (TWD).  It is the very definition of waking up every morning, putting on your big boy/girl pants, and putting in work.  This wonderfully well crafted demonstration of true grit started on the black and white pages of the highest selling comic coming out of the Image Comics imprint. It was then and there Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn conspired together on a fable that would go on to captivate millions of small screen goers around the nation (and the UK I believe).

This past Sundays episode “Twice as Far” gave us a new rallying cry for that survivalistic never say die come hell or high water if it comes down to me or you it’s gonna be me voice buried deep inside us.  Of any TWD episode to date this one, this one right here, told the world that if you want to survive you gotta be willing to go the distance and be proud when someone pays you the compliment:
You know how to bite a dick…”

Because that’s what you’ll do to make it one more day, to feed your children one more day, to protect your loved ones one more day, and by God to have just one more day.  This episode shows us a group in a routine. It’s a routine they’ve all come to love and are willing to protect.  A theme well handled by the writers, producers, and director by opening with a groundhog day vibe while only making slight variations to each scene.  Things as small as a little more food is gone, someone didn’t smile this time, or a different person in a different place than they were before.  That alone gave the weight to the idea of going back out there and doing what you did again to keep that fleeting normalcy.  And everyone feels the weight.  Characters like Eugene and Denise are feeling it the most and they want to level up (100+survival points).  You’ll find no spoilers here.  The book and show are worth the effort.  As the show does a stupendous job drawing from the source material (a forever nerd approved process), and can still stand on its own when it does take its liberties. With 2 episodes left I pray that you are either going to binge or you’re keeping up.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC

The comments section is for spoilers  (you’ve been warned)

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