AMC: on the way up

If you know who Bruce Lee is and can name at least one of his movies, then it’s safe to say that you love martial arts. Of course you do. Honestly, who doesn’t, everybody loves to see a fight.
I’ve seen at least fifty fights in my lifetime and never stopped a single one. In recent history there have been a lot of good martial art movies but only one great tv show. ” Into the Badlands ” is a show like no other, a show that always captured my attention. The show’s methodically choreographed fighting scenes had me a fan ever since AMC released a sneak two minute clip about two weeks before the series premiere. Side Note: AMC is quickly surpassing other networks with force. In the last decade AMC has ignited a fire and destroyed average thinking and usual grouping for tv shows. Mad Men was the series that started the flood of future Emmys and nominations. Breaking Bad captivated a new genre of audience. The Walking Dead is just plain out addicting. The Walking Dead is so popular not only does it now have a spin-off, but also have an ( nominated )interactive talk show afterwards. Newest to the team ” Preacher ” is another jaw dropping series that afterwards you have to stand back and digest what you just saw. But back to why you’re here. ” Into the Badlands ” is a series worth checking out. Basically, it’s the post apocalyptic era and the story takes place in an area called the Badlands that are split up into different sections. Each section is ruled by a Barron, each Barron has his or her own bodyguard group called clippers. The series revolves around Sunny, the notorious most badass of all clippers, and how he befriends a young boy M.K..
After Sunny rescues M.K. from thieves early on he realizes that they have something in common, And because of that they both try to keep M.K.s biggest secret ever. A secret that if exposed would destroy countless lives. Season 2 is scheduled to premiere early next year.

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