Sweet Sindee: Rolled Ice Cream

What is this new craze of desserts Houston is buzzing about? It’s rolled ice cream, and it’s here to stay. Perfect timing for the upcoming hot Houston summers.

So what is this rolling ice cream?

Rolling ice cream is liquid ice cream poured onto a chilled metal top. The liquid would then “harden” and with a metal scraper they would roll the ice cream and then placed into their bowls with set toppings and glaze.



Right now Class 502 offers limited flavors. From the image above, they have Mango Madness – top right (my favorite), Berry Berry – top left, Sassy Strawberry & Bananas – bottom. Not shown is Mindblown Matcha, Classy Coffee, and Cookies & Cream.

Mango Madness

What’s the verdict?

The creaminess of the ice cream is delicious. The size of the cup is good enough to share between 2 people. Now if you are a huge sweet tooth person, one cup is good enough for you. Which flavors do I recommend? Personally, I think you should stick with any of the  fruit flavors. You cannot go wrong with anything mango flavored. The Berry Berry is delicious if you like strawberry ice cream with blue berries. And Sassy Strawberry and Bananas is exactly like its name, strawberries and bananas. Matcha is good and I’m not that big of a fan of anything matcha flavored. The coffee was a little too strong for my taste, not sweet enough. And cookies and cream …. eh it was ok. I would’ve rather had gotten it from Blue Bell.

Do they serve anything else?

They serve other things besides the Rolling Ice Cream. They have all different types of teas (hot or cold) with bubbles and shaved ice as well. I enjoy their teas but personally, I would go next door instead to Kung Fu Teas. I haven’t had their shaved ice yet, so I can’t give you my thoughts on that.

White Peach Oolong Tea with Tapioca

Where do I find this deliciousness?

This sensation can be found at Class 502 – 9889 Bellaire Blvd. D220

Word of caution

When ordering the rolling ice cream be prepared to wait. The ice cream itself takes about 5-7 minutes to make, but they only have 4 chilled mixers with multiple orders from everyone else waiting to try it. The first time I went it took 45 minutes to get my ice cream at 8pm on a Monday night. The 2nd time I went was 9pm on a Friday night and waited 25-30 minutes. Yes I waited that long to try it out just for you guys. Is it worth the long wait? Eh. I’m indifferent about it. I’m not really a patient person to be waiting 25+ minutes for a small bowl of ice cream, but when you have good company around you, time does past by a lot faster.

So bring some card games – my favorite Monopoly Deal, order a drink while you wait and enjoy the company of your friends and family and chill while you wait for this new it dessert.


What are some of your favorite dessert places to try in Houston?
Let me know, I would love to try out new places.

Love, SinDee ♥


Disclaimer: all opinions are my own and was not sponsered.  

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