Time for TV [pt. 2 Returning Series]

With the encroaching fall season of television upon us we have been sent a hero.  A hero with the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury to bring you a list of what to watch.  From the desk of our contributing TV writer, Shazam!

Returning Shows (some shows will have minor spoilers)

1. The Expanse

Via itvt.com

I don’t know if you are aware of this (because most of the general population isn’t) but Syfy has really stepped up their game in the last couple of years. They are trying to pump out quality television and this is definitely one of them. “The Expanse” is basically about mankind in space (WE DID IT HUMAN KIND!) and the relationship between Earth, Mars, and “The Belt.” Mixed in are multiple stories from different points of view. One of the main storylines is a missing girl where the police detective Josephus Miller (Thomas Jane) finds more than he bargains for. Another story is about an ice trawler (they harvest ice for oxygen in the future) and its crew dealing with some “weird stuff” (don’t want to spoil anything for anyone). And another big story is a United nations executive that is trying to prevent war between Earth and Mars.

The stories are not only good but the visual representation of gravity is absolutely amazing. They put a lot of work into this show to be true to gravity or the lack there of and it shows within the first minute of the show. The show does have some lull in the middle, but the finale will have you chomping at the bit for more and probably yelling at your television saying, “WTF!”. Season two premieres towards the end of the year.


2. Modern Family

Via abc.go.com

I have such a soft spot for “Modern Family”. I’ve watched it since season 1 and have fallen in love with these characters more and more over the years. While there have been seasons that haven’t quite “hit the mark” they are still an all around lovable family to watch. And as the children get older the show has aged into “a fine wine” of comedy. One of the biggest surprise fan favorites of last season was the Andy (Adam Devine) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) will they-wont they relationship. If you google this show and look up these two you will see a big outcry of fans to make Andy a season regular and keep him on the show with the family.  Unfortunately though Adam Devine is busy making a ton of movies now plus his own comedy shows (“Workaholics”).

The rest of the characters are great too, but I don’t think I have cheered for two people to be together this bad since Castle and Beckett (Castle in the beginning years was amazing). If you haven’t seen this show do yourself a favor and watch it even if you start in Season 3-4 so that the children are all a little older.

I’m personally ready for some more “Phil-osophies” Season 8 starts September 21st.


3. The Big Bang Theory

Via comicbook.com

This is the show that all nerds across the world should be watching. If you like: Superheroes, Star Trek, Star Wars, Movies, Anime, Comic Con, or pointless hypothetical questions (e.g., “What would be worse? Giving the hulk a prostate exam or having wolverine give you a prostate exam?”) then “The Big Bang Theory” is for you. The laugh track puts people off, but the show is done in front of a live audience so after you get used to it its part of the show just like another character. Season 9 ended with a pretty hilarious cliffhanger, and season 10 promises to be even better when we finally meet the rest of Penny’s family (even the drug dealing brother). Season 10 is definitely going to take a turn with the pregnancy of Bernadette. “The Big Bang Theory” creator Chuck Lorre has already stated that they are going to take their time with her pregnancy and not push it through quickly just to have a baby on the set.

Personally I think it’s a good move since a lot of viewers saw the pregnancy thing as a possible ending point for the show. Either way the “The Big Bang Theory” is doing amazing viewership wise and the cast has already agreed to a season 11 if the finances can be figured out. The main trio of Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, and Jim Parsons are some of the top paid television actors right now. Season 10 starts September 19.


4. Vikings

Via tvseriesfinale.com

Do you miss Game of Thrones? Do you like Norse mythology? Do you want to fall in love with a charismatic leader? Do you want to fall in love with one of the strongest women in television? Well look no further cause “Vikings” is here! History Channel really did a good job deciding to make this television series. The story begins with Ragnar, a simple farmer, his wife Lagertha and their two children. Ragnar has visions of becoming more and has a thirst for knowledge.

I will admit the first season of “Vikings” is a little slow (I thought the same thing for the first season of GoT until the finale episode), but this show is absolutely superb. As the years have progressed they’ve gotten a bigger budget to play. If you give this show a chance you wont be disappointed. This is my go to binge show. I tell people to watch and so far I haven’t heard a complaint. Without giving too much away (because I really want everyone to watch this show so they will be excited for part B of season 4) there is also a clash of religions that is really interested to watch develop. Season 4 Part A was absolutely brilliant and the direction they went in the mid season finale just blew my mind! It made me want the next half almost as much as the next season of GoT. Yes… its THAT good!

The official date for Part B of “Vikings” season 4 isn’t out yet (supposed to be sometime fall 2016), but you can binge watch this series for free if you have an Amazon Prime membership.


5. The Magicians

Via pottertalk.net

This is actually based on a book series, “The Magicians”. Usually the tv series/movies never live up to the greatness of a book. Well in this case that is flat out wrong. The book had one of the worst main characters known to present man. With all of their “whoa is me” whining crap EVERY. MOMENT. OF. THE. BOOK… But “The Magicians” the tv series is great and shows what the book series should have been. They took liberties to make some of the characters and storylines a little different and that helped it out in a big way. Its about Quentin Coldwater being invited to go to college at a Magic Institute. Does this sound like an adult Harry Potter yet? Well that is definitely the route they take but it works really well.

The main storyline is laid out very well; and the middle few episodes of the season will definitely make you start to doubt the show, but the final 2-3 episodes will have you yell at your TV in shock. I feel the need to caution anyone who watches this show though as it is a dark show and goes down some rabbit holes that aren’t particularly comfortable. “The Magicians” will definitely give you the vibe of Harry Potter in one sense, but it also shows all the dark moments that could happen with magic as well. If you are looking for an adult dark Harry Potter well here you go. You can start catching up on the season 1 on the SyFy channel.


6. Honorary: Life in Pieces

Via tvguide.com

I had to put this in because it came out of left field for me. “Life in Pieces” is kind of a Modern Family knockoff but it really works well. It’s a story of 3 different families, just like Modern Family, and the cast just works so well together. If you have the time you should watch a couple of episodes of “Life in Pieces”. It was renewed for a 2nd season so you can catch all of the first season now on CBS. “Life in Pieces” will premiere Oct 27 2016.


Editor: Trai Wade

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