Naomi and Them Killer Shoes

Here at Cloud, we LOVE wrestling! Draven got us all into it, of course. I love watching the women wrestlers, not only because they are beautiful and extremely fit, but because I love watching their attire every week.

I’ve got to say that the most underrated women wrestler to me is Naomi Knight, she has a killer body and has some pretty good moves *cough, cough* Rear View, but I’ve recently fallen in love with her damn shoes! I had to find out more about them. They’re badass shoes made by Evolved Footwear and come at a hefty price, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. Apparently you can customize your shoes, or choose from the ones that they have in stock. You have the option to select half lit up, or all the way lit like Naomi has. These cool shoes light up with a thing called piezo electronic, they work by having a coil around a magnet. When the coil moves it generates an electronic current that causes the LEDs to light up. So whenever Naomi takes a step she generates a small current and lights up the LEDs. As for the changing colors, that is due to a micro processor that tells the current which led to light up. Needless to say, they are some fucking badass shoes!

Jocelin da G


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