Early Beginnings

SpacecityCLOUD was created by Draven, the OG, the mastermind. He envisioned this brand to serve as an archive where amateur artists can display their work, all while he creates some dope ass shirts that peeps can show off and be proud of.

Fresh out of high school he began sketching designs for an idea that he had. He was successfully able to create a prototype and had a nice run among family and friends, but due to circumstances was not able to go far. But when you surround yourself with individuals that have the same passion and outlook in life great things happen. Now, with the help of friends, he is finally at a point in life where his long time dream can once again come to light, all while helping friends achieve THEIR dreams. #teamwork

So, we present you the first 3 shirts that will enter our catalog. Keep a close watch. Check back often. Bookmark us. Be one of the first to join our side and buy something—- you don’t want to be left out when things get real.

We are in the process of making them accessible online, but for now you can purchase our shirts swisha house style (right out the trunk), at pop up shops, local events,via email at spacecitycloud@gmail.com and via good ol’ postal mail.

Jocelin da G

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