In a world where a Ghostbusters reboot is also the sequel…oh, no? It’s a brand-new Ghostbusters?  Are you sure?

Has anyone asked you yet if you’ve seen the new Ghostbusters trailer? If they have, then the next question will generally be, “How did you like it?”. That is when I respond with a blank look and a shrug. Are we in agreement with that as an acceptable answer? Because it is and here’s why. Before proceeding let me get you away from the “Am I just hating because I’m a die hard original Ghostbusters fan?” train of thought by saying your brain is trying to rationalize the conflicting information it has received. You aren’t hating, you’re just CONFUSED! But I digress.

1. During preproduction they stated this version will be a reboot of the original.
2. They mentioned including the original cast as well….(hmmm…hmmm indeed).
3. The director, Paul Feig, vehemently reiterates this is a from scratch reboot and will not partake in any passing of the torch.

Three strikes and you’re out, right? How about we just make it an even four strikes for good measure and to dispell hateration. Any keen eyed viewer (that’s you if you’ve watched the trailer) will notice at the very start of the trailer the following; “30 years ago four scientist saved New York…” with a cut to the old original Ghostbusters firehouse (which I walked passed on my visit to New York #awesome), a dissolve to the Ghostbusters call sign crudely spray painted on a subway wall, and then it tells you, “this summer a new team will answer the call…”. Wait, say what now?

Your brain is now going, “b..b..but this is a reboot?”

re•boot [verb]
1. (with reference to a computer system) boot or be booted again.
• restart or revive (a process or sequence, especially a series of films or television programs); give fresh impetus to.

se•quel [noun]
1. a published, broadcast, or recorded work that continues the story or develops the theme of an earlier one.

How can a new team answer a call that’s never been made before!?! How, Sway how!?! This team of hilariously funny and talented actors are doing all of this for the first time. Building the technology for the first time. Discovering ghost, all be it in a library, for the first time. Who the heck are those geezers (respect) who saved it all 30 years ago?


How can I honestly watch this movie when I don’t know whether to base my enjoyment on continuity or on something new?


I would like the confusion cleared up by release, so I can enjoy this movie like God intended, with a smile. At least for something new they could have made one of the scientist a “minority”. Yup, just opened that can of worms, haha. I Really would have loved that it were a sequel and the ladies takeover, updating the humor as well as the OGs technology, and continuing the great legacy of not being afraid of no ghost.

I mean, do you agree?

Ghostbusters opens July 15, 2016 Directed by Paul Feig Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth

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