Tricks, Treats, and Sami Beef

Hey guys Draven here with a quick wrestling post about the opening match  on Monday night RAW. After a truthful spill from Shane McMahon we have the first match of the night with Kevin Owens versus Adrian Neville burning the house down. Kevin Owens is the perfect storm of technical wrestling accompanied by some killer mic skills. I am truly a fan of his crowd awareness and his random interactions with fans. Not to be outdone by Kevin Owens, Neville’s up-tempo aerial assault combo list was on full display. His shooting star press to the outside had me having flashbacks of the seven year itch from one of the past greats, Billy Kidman.

Ultimately Kevin got the upper hand finishing off the match with the classic grab of the tights after the roll up. Not settled with just a roll up victory, Kevin begins inflicting more damage. This is now were WWE gives you that Marvel after credit affect with Sami Zayn rushing down the ramp setting up a match at Wrestlemania.

This is a feud boiling over from NXT, sidelined by Sami’s injury, that I can’t wait to see rekindled. Owens, Neville, Zayn are the caramelized sugar on my crème brûlée. Which such a great dessert  at their disposal  I often find myself  being servers my dessert before I get my entrée. – Draven


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