Everyone loves a War

Everybody is fighting
Civil War

Like everybody else I’m excited to see the up-and-coming movies this year from the comic book genre. Today I’m focusing on Captain America 3 Civil War. If you are reading this then you obviously don’t live under a rock, and you know how well Marvel is doing and how they’re looking down at their competition, DC , in the race to popularity and riches. DC’s last hope is the “Batman vs Superman” movie coming out this year. I’m eager to see it too, I mean why not, it has Batman. Say what you like about Ben Affleck but this is Batman and he’s going to be kicking ass left to right all movie. Back to the Captain, side note: Captain America 2 is my shit and he isn’t even my favorite avenger ( that award goes to the Hulk ) but there wasn’t a thing that I could find wrong with that movie. There were improved fighting scenes and constant action. My friends would come over and ask why I’m always watching it and I simply reply with ” nothing better is on”. With that being said the perpetual rise of Marvel movies only guarantees that I will love this movie too. How could you not be excited about these insane characters: Iron man, Captain America, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man. Although I’m not too fond that Spider-Man sounds like he’s 10. But aye, 10 year old Spider-Man will still whoop my ass and should do some damage along with everyone else in this movie. Civil War will definitely leave you wanting more and having you see it again. I’m fully expecting to see the Thursday night showing and then asking people Friday afternoon if they had seen it and giving a shocked/crazy looked if they hadn’t. Yeah I’m one of them types of people.


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