The day was March 12,the end of a jampacked week where the words awesome, wow, crazy, were used frequently but often a understatement. By 12am March 6 we had already seen what I believe to be this years biggest UFC upset. The underrated and unappreciated Nate Diaz defeats the Silver tongued UFC version of “the Rock”, Connor McGregor. image.jpegSami Zayn becomes a part of the main roster storyline on RAW, takes over NXT with a slobber knocking Mama Mia number one contender’s match with Samoa Joe, and tops you off with a jaw-dropping tagteam match on SmackDown. Teaming with Adrian Neville against Kevin Owens and the Miz, Neville performs a corkscrew shooting star press off of Zayns back which ultimately blew my mind….off. In a situation like this I often look to the sky and thank the big man upstairs for living in a world with DVR because I HAD to see that again. image

With all this awesomeness drippin there was still one day that stood above the rest. Thursday, it was a Thursday. With plans to attend the Roologic record label launch party at the House of Blues to support my family Dirty-n-Nastyimage

I awake to find the Internet and social media a buzz with info coming from my two favorite companies Capcom and Marvel. There was now screenshots and much needed info on Capcom’s Street Fighter V first DLC character Alex.

Alex is a personal and crowd favorite. If he plays as well as he looks in the game I think I finally found my main. While at the same time Marvel releases its final Captain America Civil War trailer ending with our first look at Marvel Studios version of Spider Man.

Also a personal favorite of mine. From my understanding, purely word-of-mouth, people did not seem to like the costume with the main concern being it was to much CG. Blasphemy! I think the costume looked great, the movement of the eyes is a game changer for him, imageand the voice really reflected a young Peter Parker in my opinion. Oh and let me say I truly appreciate the person that decided to put the classic fat spider symbol on the back of his costume. I also notice the utility belt back in action. Could there be a Spidey signal coming our way soon? I can only hope.

With so much coming from the week that was, time seems to be something that I will be lacking majority of, very soon. Not to mention Daredevil season two only days away, March 18th. Mama Mia,(Mauro Ranallo voice), someone hit me with a hyper bomb and get it over with already. Ok I think I’m going to let all this info marinate for a bit. Leave me some comments on how you guys feel about everything below and this is your favorite Cloud blogger out.


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