A new outlook for the Texans

Football is upon us and I can’t wait. Of course I live in Houston, moved here about 7 years ago, so my one and only team are the Buccaneers from Tampa Bay. Go Bucs, but nobody here wants to hear about that so were mainly about the Houston Texans. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions to watch as a fan and I’m not even a fan. I’m more like a bystander. My roommate and I would always go to a bar every Sunday to relax, drink, and watch the games. Side note; Drinks and food is really how you’re suppose to watch a game you love. Anyways, As I watch my Bucs on a tv across the room I hear all these ” yes! No’s ” and more negative words being yelled at the big screen. So many close games. Too many late game mistakes. “Inconsistent” is the word that has been haunting the Texans for years now. By no way am I calling the Texans a bad team, they’re actual pretty good. Always playoffs contenders and always seem to be just one player away for getting over the hump. Will this year be different? Have they finally gotten it right? The first step to a new season is Free Agency. This offseason the Texans finally released Arian Foster, finally. The offensive line wasn’t doing well and basically always had a quarterback issue. They started fixing up holes by signing guard Jeff Allen, running back Lamar Miller, and their Knight in shiny amor Brock Osweiler as well as some others. There hasn’t been an franchise quarterback here since Matt Shaub. Yes! Mr. Pick six himself. So I understand the hope and desire that comes with the number one qb in free agency. His football stats, mechanics, his intangibles, all are what the Texans need. That and with the 22nd pick of this years draft who a lot of writers have the Texans taking a wide receiver. I can’t be mad at that prediction though. Give your new, highly and maybe overpaid qb another weapon other than DeAndre. The Texans only picked FOUR offensive players total in the first round. Either solidify the offensive line or terrify the defense. Please do not draft defense first again this year. Hopkins was the only person, offensively, to go to the Pro Bowl. He is the only person consistently to have been on the field and played well. Hopkins was third in the league in receiving yards and averaged just under 100yds per game. Give the man some help! Someone tall with speed. Two playmakers on the outside would ease the new Houstonian, Brock Osweiler, right in. Now for some J.J. Watt. I was going to mention the defense but honestly all I need to say is J.J. Watt. He’s been the face of the defense ever since he was drafted. He finally got some help from number 1 overall pick from 2014, Jadeveon Clowney, but a series of injuries have kept him sidelined for the past two seasons. Coach Bill O’ Brien stated that Clowney is at 100% and has praised his future with the team. This is the first year that Clowney will start Training Camp completely healthy. Number 1 pick, completely healthy, opposite of former defense player of the year is what the Texans envisioned for the past two years. With an healthy defense and the right draft this team definitely has the upper hand in the AFC South.


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