Hungry Bites: Grafittis at Union St.

Well guys and gals I sure hope that y’all are hungry!  If not then beware you may become hangry.  So for those that don’t know me, I LOVE to eat.  Eating is a way of life, it sustains, its comforting, and of course its fun.  I love trying new foods!  I am a bartender at a great restaurant, so that also may have spurred my passion for food as well.  So you might say “I bring a lot to the table” so to speak. Just kidding.  Anyways onward to my review.

Houston Skyline

Today was definitely a gorgeous day out in our beloved city of Houston, Texas.  A couple of friends had mentioned we should try this place out because their food is phenomenal.  So we decided that today would be the day.  Unfortunately my gal and I live in the Northern part of Houston. So it is a bit far for us, but definitely worth it.

Where the hell did I go?

Grafitti’s at Union St.
2003 Union St.
Houston, TX 77007

So Grafittis is amazing a neat looking place for sure!  Unfortunately the parking lot is tiny, so you have to park on the street if there is no room.

But there is graffiti throughout the building as it has to live thru its name right?

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The atmosphere is pretty cozy, and trust me lots of ice cold beer with some on tap!  This place has everything from salad to steak, to porkchops to burgers.  You name it.


When we entered we were greeted by the owners, who were extra friendly and nice! They were like “Ludacris” and had that southern hospitality. They toured us thru the menu and pointed us in the right direction!  We ordered and we waited.  The wait was well worth it for sure!  Everything is made in house from the handmade patties to the breading of the chicken fried steak!

Here we go the food arrives and man is it sick!!!!


I almost cried… because it looked so badass!  Words can’t describe the feeling I get when I see my food on the way. Like you just bought a brand new car, well I was going to eat my car. My entree is the burger and my tiny girlfriend ordered the chicken fried steak.  Tell me why this tiny 100 something pound girl order something this big.

Hungry yet!?

Imperial Burger

Imperial Burger

True to its name the burger was fit for a royalty.  So this freakishly huge awesomely goodness burger was half man, half amazing.  The poppy seed bun (made in house) was just perfectly fluffed, but a little too much bread for my liking.  I shit you not, when I bit into this burger my taste buds exploded!  This mouth-watering goodness was made of 1/2 lb short rib and brisket grind, mac & cheese, fried egg, with crispy onion strings, roasted poblano, bacon chunks, and smoked mayo. This burger had every ounce of flavor dripping from it. Caution will need a lot of napkins. I cannot tell you how heavenly this burger was. Just believe me when I say that you HAVE to try it atleast once. It was like bbq dinner, breakfast, and lunch combined into one sitting.  Priced at $17.95 it is worth every single dollar, dime, penny, nickle, or monopoly money.  The fries were very well cooked and fresh.  Definitely not too much salt on them, but wouldn’t hurt to put a little bit more on.

As if that wasn’t enough, I had to try help SinDee  eat her chicken fried steak.

The Duke

The Duke – Chicken Fried Steak

This Texas sized chicken fried steak was definitely bigger than your average bear.  Make sure to decide brown or creamy gravy.  They made this beautiful steak battered to order with the freshest ingredients.  You can taste the homecookedness oozing from the steak.  Battered with its own secret recipe, this steak awed and shocked me.  I’m already drooling talking about this again.  The garlic mashed potatoes topped with creamy gravy had the perfect consistency.  And of course the macaroni that can make anyone go crazy.


Melted cheese speaks for itself doesn’t it? And of course no meal is complete without Texas toast!

And wait, there’s more.

I know what your thinking, how can we put this all away.  Honestly, I wish I knew myself. HA! Instead of stopping, we ordered dessert. I know pretty unbelievable.  I can’t resist any homemade dessert.  After talking to the owner’s wife, we found out that she does the desserts with her own recipes.  She sold me on banana pudding in a classic mason jar.

Banana Pudding

Wow, wow, wow ahhhhhhhmazing.  I mean woah nelly.  I almost fell outta my chair. The vanilla wafers in here were so thin and perfect.  If I could die and relive the moment that I took my first bite from this banana pudding, trust me I would.  It had the perfect consistency of a bread pudding and boy was I happy.

It doesn’t stop there because we got an oreo shake too!

Oreo Shake

They definitely had the shakes to make them quake!  Not sure how they did this one, but you definitely must try their shakes.  It was even better than eating an Oreo if that’s even possible!  It was definitely a meal in itself for sure!

So to sum it up here are some quick points

  • You must eat here
  • The owners are amazing and super friendly
  • Come hungry because everything is served Texas sized
  • Enjoy yourselves because the place is super chill
  • Bring a friend that can help finish some of your food

Leaving here was bittersweet.  The chair was just too damn comfy!  That drive home was definitely tough.  As my sweet friend Dalia said, “You’re going to feel like you have a baby elephant in your belly afterwards, but so worth it!”  She was absolutely right.  It was all worth it. It was definitely from the words of my friend Bill, “a cool place,” and a place I will for sure go back to.

Let me know what you think and if you have any other recommendations for me to tackle!



Disclaimer: These are my own personal opinions and was not sponsored.

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