Sweet Sindee: Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café

Oooo la la! Are you ready for something sweet? If you like crepes, this is one of those places to add to your list.

Where did I go?

Sweet Paris Crêperie – Rice Village
2420 Rice Blvd
Houston, TX 77005

They have multiple locations, find one closet to you.

Take a stroll with me
Faites une promenade avec moi

Outside walking in
As you walk through the doors

Walking in Sweet Paris, it’s a small little area that has both indoor and outdoor seating. Due to its small building, they do ask that you order first and then find a table. Especially on the weekends, it’ll get super busy and packed.

You can watch them create your crepes.

Tell me something sweet
Dites-moi quelque chose de doux

As for crepes, I personally enjoy the sweet side of it, than the savory. Something about that thin sweet wrapping makes it more enjoyable as a dessert than an entrée. I like to tell myself that when I want sweets more so, than real food. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but they didn’t tell you it cannot be a caramel covered apple. So lets keep that between you and me. I like Sweet Paris’s wrapping better than most crepe places I’ve tried because it is much thinner than the other places. Letting you enjoy more of their filling than the wrapping. (haha. Why does that sound so dirty)

Once you order they’ll give you a number and you go find a seat. Once done, the staff will bring your food and coffee out to you when they are done preparing it.


The time I went was during the day so it was not busy at all. So the food came out fairly quickly. However, just know that during a busy weekend night, you’ll have to wait a little bit.


I love anything with fruits, so obviously I ordered their APPLE CINNAMON CRÈME BRÛLÉE. It’s torched vanilla cream with caramelized apples, ddl (Argentine Dulce de Leche), & cinnamon.
It has two of my favorite things, cinnamon apple and crème brûlée. For an additional cost, you can add two scoops of Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean ice cream (I still prefer blue bell). Anything with ice cream makes it 10x better. 


Just looking at this picture while writing this review is making me hungry again. The apples were perfectly caramelized with the right amount of sweetness to it.

The size of the crepe is great for sharing with another person. Perfect for date nights. The   romantic ambience inside combined with the delicious food and great company, is absolutely spectacular. It will definitely get you brownie points.  The crepe itself was fantastic! It had the perfect amount of fluffiness and as I mentioned before just enough sweetness to it. The first bite was breathtaking.  My eyes lit up like a little schoolgirl first seeing Backstreet Boys in concert! Yeah that’s right that I said it.  As for the ice cream, it matched perfectly to balance out the cinnamon of the crepe.  Although I do love blue bell, the blue bunny ice cream was not to shabby at all.

I enjoyed my decadent dessert with a cup of their cappuccino from illy coffee. One of my favorite coffee brands. A little strong, but very smooth.


Goodbye is such sweet sorrow
Adieu est si doux chagrin

It is really a place that I would recommend to try. Something light and not too filling. They really did take something so simplistic and made it spectacular. Even if it’s just a casual outing give them a shot you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that makes it so sweet.

That’s when you know something is delicious

Had you tried any savory crepes before? Let me know down below what you think is better, savory or sweet crepes.

Love, SinDee ♥


Disclaimer: all opinions and images are my own and was not sponsored. 

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