Iceec0ld : YA nights Thursday 6-11pm!


For all the dancers looking to have a place to practice or see a big part of the underground scene!

This is a scene where many dancers come to hang out, practice, or even challenge each other to grow as a community. The YA scene was started by Charles Rastromel over 15 years ago and ever since then it grew to become what it is today.
So here is the breakdown of how things go about:

6pm is when doors open, but there are many other activities you could do such as basketball(Very good basketball court), video games in the other room (PS3 Xbox provided), Soccer(Large soccer field), and of course many places to practice(3-4 rooms where dancers find spots including 3 giant vinyl floors).

And at 8pm is when start the battles. These battles are one of the big reasons many come! The battles provide a platform for dancers to test their skill and create a comfort level to actual competitions all around the world.
There will be home cook style food provided with beverages as well throughout the night as well! And if you lucky you could grab some of their fresh-baked cookies brought out at random times throughout the night!

During 930-11pm is House night. DJ switch to house music and everyone vibe out till the end of the night!

EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT 6pm-11pm at 717 SAGE RD 77056 (ST. Martin’s Episcopal Church).
Left side of the GIANT CHURCH where there is a basketball and soccer area in the back! – Across from the Bank!

Check out the  YA BATTLES ! on YouTube for all recording of battles every Thursday!

And Facebook –YA-Houston to get more info on what happening at the YA every thursday prior!

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