Views from the Cloud: a photographic series

With the dream of having our own art studio, Cloud is a collaborative team consisting of various freelance artists brought together to freely express their individual visions as a whole. One concept opened to multiple interpretations.

We here at Space City Cloud find our inspirations not just from introspective views, but we also find it in going out and seeing what the world has to offer.  In the great city of Houston, TX we have found a great deal of talent to inspire us.  Out of many, one people.  “Views from the Cloud: a photographic series” will chronicle our journey of discovery with the many talented and supportive citizens of H-town.

We will keep the calendar updated on when a where we plan to pop up.  Be sure to come check us out at this years local Houston convention Comicpalooza June 17-19 @ the George R. Brown.  We promise to have something special for you, so come be apart of the view.

KA Gallery: Emerging Artist Night

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Kit and Ace (Houston) 2401 Times Blvd, #110, Houston,TX 77005

Sounds by DJ Charlee Brown

Artist Lineup:

Julie Julez

Scott Tarbox
Matt Manalo

Traders Village Comic-Con 2016

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Traders Village pop-up thanks to Fight Sessions who hosted free Street Fighter 5 & WWF No Mercy tournaments.

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