After the draft you go home to Texas.

I love the NFL! I’m one of those fans that don’t have an offseason because I watch NFL Network at least two hours a day. Basically, the NFL Draft is my second birthday. The draft is really about your favorite team getting an instant upgrade. It’s the best of the best coming to the NFL, it’s eye popping talent and more importantly young new players. If you didn’t make the playoffs, or did but couldn’t get to the Super Bowl and got embarrassed, chances are you know why. Your team needs help. You knew mid way last season what was wrong. What is your team going to do about it? Is your team going to draft the next J.J. Watt? Your team can be the one to draft a quarterback that can run a 4.5 in the 40 yard dash and just flick the ball 60 yards. Or my team can draft the running back that had 28 touchdowns last year. Granted that was college, yes I know, but my team would be in great shape if the rookie could produce half of that. Hell, a third of that isn’t bad. The draft is about how the worst team ( NY Giants ) continues to be sub par, drafting the wrong players, and how your team gets a little closer to that Super Bowl run. So how did the Texans do? After countless trades the Houston Texans ended up with six picks in this draft. General Manager Rick Smith and head coach Bill O’ Brian did a great job putting some pieces in place. The first of which was to
select Will Fuller. The first trade of the weekend for the Texans was made to ensure they grabbed the speedy wide receiver out of Notre Dame. Fuller will most likely be the fastest person on the field at any given point and with that I totally expect him to start. Only flaw about Fuller was that he is only average at catching the ball, if you ask me that’s why you have Pro Bowler DeAndre Hopkins on the other side. Fuller will mainly use his speed to put fear opposing defenses. Throw the harder passes to Hopkins. A defense will have to choose whether to get out ran by Fuller or out jumped by Hopkins. It’s definitely a mismatch and opens the field. The Texans second pick went to Nick Martin, the center out of Notre Dame. Martin’s older brother also plays in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys so football in his blood. I totally expect him to start. Martin and long time teammate Fuller along with Brock Osweiler are highly beneficial additions this off season. Pick three was selected for Braxton Miller from Ohio State. This was interesting to me because Miller played both quarterback and wide receiver in college. Reports have Miller playing a major role whenever the Texans go to the wildcat formation. The next talent is Tyler Ervin, running back out of San Jose State. Ervin averaged more than 5 yards per carry last year while also getting 13 touchdowns. With his pass catching skills and ability to return kicks Ervin should see his fair share of playing time. The last two picks were focused on defense, one on D.J. Reader out of Clemson, and the other is K.J. Dillion from West Virginia. Dillion, a safety, has the size and aggressiveness to compete day one. Reader, defensive tackle, is a raw talent. I’m sure the team plans to have him work on his technique in hopes to be ready for whenever Vince Wilfork leaves. Statistically, your team would like to start half of the players they drafted. Three!
Three is the number this year. Right away I see the first two picks starting and the others, with work, can play key roles. The Texans upgraded their offense by two levels this offseason in my book. Brock Osweiler has a bevy of weapons and a top ten defense. What more can you ask for…a tight end would be nice though.

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