I Don’t Ask For Much…Fox/X-men

As the title of my column states, “I don’t ask for much”; and I really don’t ask for much.  Ask my mom she’ll tell you.  So what am I asking for atm (at the moment)?  Some consistency and faithfulness.  I know.  I know.  Heck we all know the old saying “the book was better”, but does it have to be?

With today’s technology we can literally go from page to screen, so there is never an excuse for being visually dull.  Therefore, it is in the characters where creative freedom must be supervised.  If you are creating a character from scratch knock yourself out and go crazy.  But if you are adapting a character then there are presets and existing characterization the must be adhered to, or at least considered.


That photo is a promotional photo for Fox studios “X-men: Apocalypse” out May 27th, and it is also a small testament of many that shows the people at Fox don’t get it.  I understand the “cinematic feel” they are trying to convey, but just in this photo you’ve skewed the audiences view of Jean Grey and Cyclops’ relationship.  Cyclops isn’t blind unless he closes his eyes, so her need to guide him is pointless.  If anything Jean Grey can project the image of where to shoot right into his brain.  Which would be visually cooler and coincide with the presets that already exist in their relationship from the source material (the comic books).

Yeah, yeah…fanboy nit picking, but always remember the devil is in the details.  If something this small is over looked what’s next?  Professor X switching bodies with his identical twin in a coma on the other side of the world?  And don’t get me started on the costumes 😐🔫.  I refuse to just settle for whatever they toss out, sorry.

I mean…I don’t ask for much.

Or am I?

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Ugh.  The costumes.


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