Marvel: a sure thing

Marvel has done it again! If you haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War by now that means you’re too old to go out or you’re on house arrest. Captain America was so good that I didnt blame couples for bringing their baby to the movie. Captain America was so good that I was talking about it to co workers that I don’t even like. Needless to say Captain America: Civil War blew DC’s Batman vs
Superman out the water. Every team has a big gun and DC’s was Batman vs Superman, and the Capt. destroyed them. Do you remember the original Robocop? Captain America: Civil War are the street thugs and Batman vs Superman is poor Alex Murphy. I know, graphic. This just goes to show Marvel isn’t slowing down or stopping anytime soon. With
Doctor Strange, set to be released in November, being the last Marvel movie to come out this year, I believe it’ll be the last solo movie as well. Doctor Strange will open up another dimension that viewers have never seen. We’ve seen strange stuff before, no pun intended, with outer space and cosmic powers but none like this. I’m hoping we’re going to see the introduction to another infinity gem. If you’re a Marvel fan than you know Thanos is coming soon. At the end of The Avengers: Age of Ulton Thanos wasn’t listening to Michael Jackson and took the
infinity gauntlet out for no reason. He’s getting them gems and at any means necessary. Marvel managed to fit Spider-Man: Homecoming in the timeline for next year with Ironman or at the very least Ironman gear. The third installment of Thor titled Ragnarok is going to be a pivotal movie in the Marvel cinematic universe’s phase three. Not only because it’s going to have the Hulk but it’s a Thor movie, and with Thor comes an infinity gem. I expect this is when Thor tells the Avengers, or mainly Tony Stark, about Thanos ( most likely in post credits ) and the trouble he plans to bring. DESTRUCTION.

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