Supergirl crash lands @theCW for the better?

And I think, again I think, we can celebrate!  According to Variety and Comic Book Resources the second season of the, ehhh, well received Supergirl leaps from CBS to it’s sister station the CW this fall.

Why am I slightly optimistic about it?  Plainly put I’m a fan of Supergirl, but I can’t seem to find the same love for the show.  And now after the highly rated Supergirl/Flash crossover I think it was due to the fact it was being handled by a network that is not known for offering younger demo shows.  It was like asking your pre baby boomer grandpa to come up with a new smartphone app for kids.  CBS has good shows, but they are generally skewed to the older gen.  The gen Superman is more suited for.  Supergirl has an “S” on her chest, but Superman she is not.

She’s better!


With her new home at the CW I’m hoping she can get out of that shadow and drop the Smallville lite tone.  The hottest comic property on the CW is Flash, so let’s follow that yeah?  It’s to late to totally revamp it, but they can start making improvements.  Mainly to the overbearing similarities to her cousin.  There is really no need to rehash or adapt Superman stories when she has her own.  I stopped watching five episodes in because of that reason alone.  I also wasn’t a fan of her overly shy/submissive/tame…demeanor.  Nothing wrong with people like that, I just liked her more take charge attitude from the books.  Nothing like Clark Kent aka Superman.  See SHE IS BETTER.  It would be really cool to see Supergirl star Melissa Benoist (😍) stomp around in them boots!  Let her man handle some super villains finally (💪)!  With this move to the CW one can hope.

The thing I do know for sure will change is Supergirl will get that patented CW glow and chic fashionista taste.  I mean come on, it’s the CW.  But it’s a bearable marketing indulgence just as long as they bring the goods.  We want crossovers, characters from the source material, and amazing Kara aka Supergirl driven content.  Read her books!


Heck, while I’m at it.  Dropping suggestions and what not.  I have a few more.  Let’s not have Cat Grant be secret ID Kara’s boss, but rather Supergirl’s.  What do you call the person who controls the most powerful weapon in the world?  The most powerful person in the world, but with a twist.  She’s a good hearted Social Justice Warrior who also happens to own Catco Worldwide Media.  Smell what I’m cooking?  Get rid of the adopted family too.  Let Martha raise her or whatever.   Supergirl has lived a life before coming to earth, so use that to motivate her to not want to lose her new home.  It makes her more dedicated to getting better, more intuitive and physically confident, but in need of guidance to curb her hubris.  She takes the entire world as her responsibility— but I digress and need to wrap it up.


I always liked this costume.

Supergirl is coming to the CW.  Even though I cut out for the first season I’m generally anticipating season two.  Anyone else?

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