What club?! Bálor Club!!!

  What do you get when you take one cup Irish comic book fan, 4 teaspoons of Japanese Mayham, half a cup of Demon, and a smile only bestowed upon angels? The former NXT champion and the original leader of the Bullet club/”the club” Finn Bálor 


A guy I’ve posted about twice before, Finn is a Irish professional wrestler with the record for longest reign as NXT champion with a crazy 292 days. More then abs and a heavenly smile Finn has talent and a passion that easily can be seen in his work week in and week out.

  Outside of the ring: He is an unapologetic Lego collectorimage who is an obvious cartoon watching comic book fan. Finn Bálor has worn face and body paint to the ring inspired by the characters that speak to his inner self long before he stepped into WWE facility.



  Inside the ring: Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe are set to battle in NXT’s first ever steel cage match at TakeOver in a rematch for the NXT title June 8 on the WWE network. Winning for Finn would make him the first ever two time NXT champ. While losing, obviously not the ideal plan for any champion, would only confirm when it comes to the NXT title it is a proven summons from the higher ups to move on to main roster. Either way Joe vs Finn plus a cage equals one hell of a match.

You can currently watch him on NXT every Wednesday at 8/7 C on the WWE network.

Go Check out his Instagram and Twitter (@wwebalor). He has some of the best fan art and some trill pictures from around the world of his many travels as a wrestler on his gram. He always drops a few teasers on his Twitter also.


Here’s a few of my own attempts at some Finn art.

Like always please let me know how you feel in the comments below, email, or just do you. Long live Bálor Club/Bullet Club and plz send us your pictures in your Cloud shirts or tag your pics with #spacecitycloud and #finninacloud. Let’s see if we can get Finn to post a picture of him in his Cloud shirt!


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