People to Know: Who or what is Julie Julez?

   Julie Julez is a charismatic wild child of the arts with only one clear path insight, anywhere she damn well pleases. Moving from Brooklyn to Houston at the age of 10, I find myself sometimes wanting to call her ASAP Julez. I have yet to mentions this to her by the way. Deep rooted in a city I feel is just as much a polar opposite as it is similar can really be a lot for child. Any child but Julie.Currently a full time Graphic Designer and Social Media BOSS. Julie is Lead Creative for PinkCilantro, Social Media Director for The Hive Society, Vice President of Noms/Social media director for pop-up dinner series Aces of Taste , and Social Media Marketing Chair for Houston Food Blogger Collective.

jj com

Yeah and you thought you liked to stay busy.

Julie sees herself as a loud talking chatterbox with a big smile. I see her as a deep inner beauty with a passion for what she loves, Art, Friends, Food, & Making people happy. In no particular order.
I recently had the pleasure in attending the KA GAllery,” Emerging artists night” where my long time friend had a few of her newer pieces up. Often caught doodling, her style to me reflects the recent popularized Visothkakvei. Visothkakvei is said to be the world’s best doodler posted by INSIDER pop culture.

“The Best” is one of the most overused phrases but the only problem with being the best, your only the best until someone better comes along. -Austin Aries

Here is a few of her works from the show please enjoy one of Houston’s emerging Stars and her Great works of art. Like always let me know how you feel in the comments below, email us,or just do you.



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