I Don’t Ask For Much…Hail Hydra, Captain America?

If you haven’t heard by now let me break the bad news that’s got Marvel comics trending.  Our beloved Captain America is an agent of Hydra. Yes, the very same Hydra he battled for most his comic existence and cost him about 70 years of his life frozen in ice.  Apparently the new Cap comic writer Nick Spencer feels there is an argument to be had that Cap is actually Hydra’s employee of the month– year– lifetime? Yeah as the story goes, starting in the new Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, Cap has always been a Hydra agent.  Now we the audiences are in the know while the rest of the Marvel comics universe is still in the dark.

Let me say this to clarify for anyone not reading the books.  This new “Captain America” is not necessarily the one being portrayed in the movies (MCU: Marvel Cinematic Universe), for all the Chris Evans fans.  There are a lot of characteristics and story arcs that influence the movies, but I have a feeling this is one that won’t.  This is one of those ones only we comic heads will have to learn to accept 😑.

With that being said in the realm of comics these type of stories come and go, so it’s best to not make a big deal about it.  But it is a big deal in the sense of will this provide a good bases to grow more stories down the road, or if this will be a failed sales gimmick.  Comic connoisseurs know the ebb and flow of the industry.  This to shall pass.  So quit with the death threats (really).


I don’t ask for much, but this hail Hydra Cap just might be a bust.  Nick Spencer is a great writer, so I may be eating my words sometime down the road.  And I don’t have a problem with that because I’m an adult.  You know why I’m here.  I’m just here for good stories.  If that is the end result then well done Mr. Spencer, well done.  If we get regurgitated, over used, anticlimactic, convoluted, same ol’ same ol’, or continuity destroying garbage shame on you Nick Spencer and Marvel.


I don’t ask for much, or do I?  What about you?

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