After tha Kappa, I mean after tha Palooza


Has it really already been a week after Comicpalooza ? Last week was a complete whirlwind of highs and lows of emotions and events. Getting ready for our first major event, Comicpalooza, I learned of the horrible tragedy in Florida. I believe I can speak for the rest of us here at Cloud when I say our prayers and our hearts go out to all affected by this tragedy. One of our main focuses is to love and uplift our fellow Houstonians, but my love cannot be contained by city limits. And yours shouldn’t either. Ok back on topic.They say your first convention is always the hardest…I think. imageWell if not they, me. This was a great opportunity for us to learn and grow. Thanks to some really awesome people,(the Limas family), everything went a lot smoother, picked up some nice pointers,and beyond helpful info on convention life. Eric J Limas himself is an amazing painter and the head of the operation. I had the pleasure to watch him everyday for the entirety of the event,being that our booth was setup next to his, do live paintings creating his art from scratch. Unknowingly rekindling a once diminish passion for painting. I will never forget the kindness his family showed my family not asking for anything in return. I only wish I had more to offer him but one day soon I will repay the favors and that wonderful kindness from his family. So please do me a favor and follow this guy on Facebook/Instagram @truzart. He’s based out of Austin but he’s definitely in the convention scene so don’t be surprised if you see him and let him know his buddies from SpaceCityCloud sent you.


I also can’t forget these other great teams straight out of Houston doing some really cool things from shirts to metalwork to woodwork.







TheSetup – a creative body shop that makes custom parts and does Beautiful body work on cars and trucks. More recently they have discovered a niche going beyond their day to day works to mix their passion of metal work with their love of comics. Coming up with some of the most beautiful metal paintings I’ve seen. It also doesn’t hurt to having a beautiful model cosplaying the entire weekend with all your art.


Whitecupent – a local southside clothing brand with some fire shirts and some similar ideals. Just think of the possibilities of the two Houston brands teaming up to do some limited tees put a twinkle in the eye. Nothing like a Northside/Southside connection. Oh and I can’t believe I let that Wolverine shirt get past me.


WizardofBarge – is Just plain pimpin. They remind me of an updated Ed “Big Daddy” Rot. I love the energy of all their work the colors are vibrant and in your face. The wood pieces are fun and excellent home decor for all ages especially the kids at heart. No I did not get as much time to talk with the wizard as I would like ,but I think his art truly conveys his message. If I’m correct I believe the wizard is more like wizards. You can find their work on Facebook,Instagram, and etsy but you can find little info on the duo. Hopefully I can change all that soon. maybe do an interview with the ghoulish duo.


With such a big event there’s obviously a lot of things that just can’t be covered in one post. So to all of the Cloud members, all the vendors, all the stars, all the cosplayers,Fight Sessions, AlfredoZavalaART and of course everyone that bought a cloud shirt. Thank you for supporting local artists and hopefully your hometown heroes “The defenders of dreams”SpaceCityCloud.

Checkout out our Local Love page for more pictures from comicpalooza and other local events.


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