I Don’t Ask For Much…Preacher


And that’s no hyperbole.  This show is seriously good!

The ketchup…

Plus now that you have unintentionally read all the GoT spoilers on your social media time lines your summer is free to catch up on Preacher.  Counting the pilot episode Preacher is on it’s sixth with episode seven airing tonight July 10th @ 9/8c on AMC.  You can do this.  Watch it.


Based on the graphic novel series of the same name; “Preacher” by Garth Ennis is at it’s heart a good ol’ western that slipped and fell on to a holy dagger while having a three-way with sex, drugs and an Arseface.  The first three introductory episodes don’t just set its tone, it crawls into its desert dry husk, stands up and proclaims “it’s here to save us.”  Much like the charging of the charming Jesse Custer played by Dominic Cooper (“Agent Carter”) who’s been inhabited by a mysterious and powerful force.

Drop in a drug abusing vampire and a sassy lil career criminal ex-girlfriend and you’ve got yourself an orgy to help ease you into your Mondays.
Already renewed for a second season with an extended order of 13 episodes AMC’s Preacher swaggers in as the networks #2 series (*cough* #1 TWD).  Before you throw your fan boy rocks at me I’d like to confess my sins, and let it be known I have yet to read the graphic novel series.  But thanks to the show I’ll be damned if I don’t read it now.  Preacher stands at the pulpit and demands the attention it deserves.


I don’t ask for much but only that you join us for service Sundays @9/8c on AMC and let it save you.

AMC’s Preacher is executive produced by Sam Catlin (“Breaking Bad”), Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (“This Is The End”, “Superbad”).

What more could you ask for?

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