I Don’t Ask For Much…ESports 

Update from EVO 2016: July 17, 2016 10:50 am CT

I just ask that you realize what’s about to happen in the world of esports.  This weekend is the comiccon of gaming.  The height of esports in the United States.

July 15th – 17th in Las Vegas is EVO with live coverage of Street Fighter 5 July 17th by ESPN2 at 10pm ET.

And Fight Sessions is there streaming a collaborative EVO show “The 3rd Annual PSC Classic” with: DXRacer, HitBox, Vickomods.com, and Gamergy on twitch.tv/fightsessions.  They are also taking on Tournament Organizer (TO) roles and even competing for the hell of it.  As a bonus Fight Sessions is even bringing you exclusive content, facebook live, and doing it for the gram.  All of this in just over a month after a successful showing at Houston’s Comicpalooza 2016.


As a local Houston esports league start up we here at Cloud are proud of the meteoric rise of Fight Sessions.  We applaud them on their focused vision and burning desire to see that the future of esports goes through them.  Their style of esports branding will light the way in the ever growing universe of gaming.

I had the pleasure of covering Fight Sessions last Street Fighter 5 tournament before EVO out in LaPorte, TX at the Game Bros store.  If you’re ever out that way check them out.  They boast an extensive stock of games, systems, and good ol’ southern hospitality.  It was one of their first SFV tournaments at the store and after such a great turn out I’m sure they plan to have many more.

In all the excitement I was able to get a sit down with contestant Anas Khan aka Vagabond (team Best Of The Best), who won 1st place out of 30 fighters and is competing out in Vegas at EVO.  He also recently placed 17th at CEO so I picked his brain about his perspective on gaming locally and nationally.  And if your like me you can gleam a since of what the future of esports will be with Fight Sessions leading the way.

Bust shot

So we can get a general idea of what kind of monster we are dealing with, how’s the training regime go for some one who gets 17th at CEO?

Vagabond:  Recently ever since CEO I haven’t even touched the game (SFV).  Normally I like to practice more going into an event like this (at Game Bros), but this time I was fairly confident.  It’s good to not be too confident, but I was like it’s a local it’ll help me prepare for EVO.  So you know, but normally I’d practice at least 2-3 hours a day which includes online or labbing it up.  Or whatever.

Do you pefer to participate in tournaments online or offline?

Vagabond:  Oh, offline of course.  Online there are just too many factors.  There is input latency.  Lag.  Offline is the way to go.

A well versed gamer like yourself do you dig the local or national scene more?

Vagabond: CEO was one of the nationals I really enjoyed.  I placed 17th out of over 830.  So it was good.  Close to top 16, but locals are fun an all it’s just gotten to a point to where I’ve been to so many (locals) I just really enjoy the nationals at this point.

Because of player variety?

Yeah, definitely player variety is a big factor.  I get to play fighters from all over the country that are way better than me, so it’s definitely a great experience.  Down here in Houston we have killers, but you know you play them so much to where you want to play more people.

Being a local guy how do you feel about the environment?  Is it growing or do you feel it’s a little stagnate?

 Well usually how the scene starts out it’ll start off strong, and this goes for all of the coast.  East coast. West coast.  Whatever.  And then it just gets a little stagnate because people lose motivation or you have the same people winning, and then people just don’t want to come out.  I think a good way to help bring back- attract people back to the scene or whatever as a good player I give people advice, you want to encourage them.  You know carpooling and all that stuff comes into play, but you want to encourage them.  You want to help them out and you know it’s basically a confidence booster.  And that will make them want to come out and compete more because they will feel as though they have a better chance at winning.

So being that you place 17th at a national (CEO) how’s your confidence level going into EVO?

Well this EVO will be my first EVO, and it’s a whole other beast.  In some aspects CEO can be as hard as EVO because you have, you still have those niche killers.  But there’s less people so at CEO you can run into those killers a lot sooner.  Where at EVO there’s gonna be a lot more killers, but it’ll be much more spread out where you might have a very easy pool going into it.  So my confidence to answer your question is I’m feeling pretty confident that I can do well.  It’s just some of the new characters (in SFV) like Ibuki and Balrog I have no experience or any idea of what they can do, so what I’m gonna need to do is definitely lab it up for the next week or two and figure out some more shit.  Figure out how to fight the new characters.

Understandable I see the logic there.  Real quick for the love.  What side of Houston are you from?

I’m actually from- I consider myself Houston, but I’m from Katy.

Here in Houston how’s the scene laid out.  Spread out or centralized?

Well we have like these bi-monthlies, TGC, which are closer to me.  Then we have Insomnia tournaments, but I’ve been trying to make it out to like Game Guys and this is my first time coming here to Game Bros.  So I mean there is variety.  There’s locals here and there, but I think they are spread out so much where you don’t really have as many people going out to them.  As if like lets say if it there was one consistent location which is kind of in the middle like the heart of everything you would have more people like people from all over going to that.

Duly Noted.  What are your expectations for yourself for EVO?

Um…expectations.  Hmm…

Is it to just place in good position or go all the way?  I know you want to win everything, but how do you see it going?  Basically my round about way of asking your prediction. 

Right, right…if I was to make a prediction.  Well let me talk about my expectation first.  It’s not good to keep your expectations high cause if you end up doing bad it kills your motivation and you know.  It’s good to have medium standards and expectations, but for me personally I think I’ll definitely make out of pools.  It depends because I don’t know the pools yet.  I might have a killer, but I can definitely qualify even if its from losers.  And from there you know EVO can be very random.  It all depends on who you get matched up with.  If you get matched up with like Tokido (Hajime Taniguchi) or Infiltration early on versus- or getting matched up with them like in top 32 or top 16 whatever.  But I think I’m at the point skill level wise I think I’m at the point where I could out of 5000 players I could definitely make what top 128 top 64.  I think I can get that much.  But my goal is to of course make top 8 and it’s a hard goal seeing as I haven’t put in as much time and dedication as I need too, but it’s a goal for me.

Cool man.  Best of luck to you at EVO.  Do you have any streaming or social medias, so the people can check you out?

Sure! Vagabond_fgc on twitch, instagram- whatever (laughs)

(Laughs) Okay Vagabond Anas Khan thank you!

And what more could you ask for?  I don’t ask for much esports.  Just be ready.  You see the Pokemon Go love.  I hope Anas achieves his goal and Fight Sessions works the shit out of EVO haha.  Here’s a look back at the Game Bros tourney.

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