New Era, No Problem!!!

Minutes become hours days became months and just like that, bang we have a new era in the WWE. Not quite out of nowhere like a RKO but more so of a beautiful stroll to a well deserving award. Finn!

Finn on RAW!!!!!

In the past few months WWE has re-energize and revitalize it’s brand by signing top ranked independent talent, building strong roots with NXT, and bringing back their draft. Which so far after last nights episode of RAW, the draft my turned out to be a lot better idea than most anticipated.
So this meant the roster once again would be split up with some going to RAW and others to SmackDown. Now two different shows. Now I’m not going to get into the entire list of who when where but I will mention the most important picks in my eyes, Hell I think in a lot of peoples eyes at least everybody here at CLOUD.
Finn Bálor! That’s right the guy I seem to not be able to stop posting about. The former NXT champion has been hinting, what seems like forever, his day would come when he would be called up to the main roster. With so many,what seemed like, great missed opportunities for him to come up. Fans wondered week after week,when would we get Finn. Like the first bite of a slow cooked meal, he’s finally here and it was well worth the wait.
On his first night of RAW his presence has already changed the landscape of Monday night. Being placed in one of two fatal four-way match that kicked off the show Finn would have to outlasted four of WWE top talent Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and the United States Champion Rusev for the opportunity to main event the show against the winner of the other fatal four-way. With the winner of the main event getting a title shot against Seth Rollins for the new belt at Summer Slam.
Not to spoil it or even give you a reason not to watch. Go check out last night episode of Monday night RAW. Too much greatness from everyone especially that women’s title match between Sasha Banks & Charlotte “Mama Mia” (Maro voice). So sit down and relax the New Era and the day of the demon Finn Bálor are finally here.
Also don’t forget SmackDown is live tonight and they’re looking the top Monday night RAW seeing as both shows are now battling for top ratings.

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