This is my Summer Sixteen

Draven and I always talk in the morning about random things. Normal couple stuff I suppose. His favorite thing to ask is “When are you going to write another blog?” And I respond “I’ll get to it.” But I never get to it.  We were talking about new mixtapes and artists coming to Houston and he goes ” Why don’t you write about this?” “About what?” I said. He paused briefly, “This… you like to talk about all this music gossip with me why not let other people know?” My lightbulb turned on.image As many of you, I had my eyes and ears wide open when Drake’s and Future’s Summer Sixteen tour kicked off so I could check out what cool surprises he had in store for his fans. I was not disappointed, he had everyone from DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller, Young Thug,Rihanna, to freaking Eminem show some love! So, it was only fair that I go (right?). I knew it would be dope when he came to Houston, the man loves H-town!image

I was excited to see the production (mostly because I like to partake in activities I normally don’t do, but make exceptions for in “concert” situations plus it makes the giant LED screen, flashing strobes and the ceiling filled with hundreds of moving multicolored, basketball-sized lights 10 times cooler), but I had to know who would come out with Drizzy and Future Hendrix. It was none other than Bun B (of course he would, it’s Houston and he is like Drizzy’s godfather) and Lil Wayne (now I’m excited even if he only did sing 3 songs, I’ve never seen him in concert before)! This is where we witnessed Tunechi go off, yet again, on Cash Money. Now for those of you who don’t know very briefly, Lil Wayne has been in a 3 year battle with his former label, Cash Money Records, over unpaid talent recruit, album advances and other money problems. So, it was no surprise when he left the Toyota Center saying, “Fuck Cash Money!”(Probably the highlight of the night) We got there late due to mad traffic at Aura Day Party (Drake hype) so sad to say I didn’t get to see DVSN, but their album Sept. 5th was great. I wouldn’t doubt their set being any short of that.What a great weekend that was, packed with craziness and humidity.


After seeing I got my little duckets worth, I think I’ve caught the concert bug. So, I’ve decided I will go to Kanye’s concert (come to find out it’s in 2 weeks!) I looked online and found some. So, this girl will be all up in the Toyota Center turning the fuck up to Yeezus. Just like with the Summer Sixteen tour I’ve been keeping my eyes on The Saint Pablo tour and from what I’ve seen so far, looks amazing.image

You know the “New Kanye” crazy ass hell, and since he joined the wackasshians he’s been annoying as ever, but I don’t like to associate he’s craziness with his music resume. It’s not fair. Some might think he fell off, but I see it as a creative evolution. There’s nothing wrong with artists re-inventing themselves. Repetition gets boring. In Yeezus’ words ” I miss the old Kanye, straight from the ‘Go Kanye…See I invented Kanye, it wasn’t any Kanyes and now I look and look around and there’s so many Kanyes.”Just let him be Kanye. LOL.image

The last time I saw him in concert was for his Glow In The Dark tour (remember Graduation) and that show was awesome too. RihannaLupe FiascoN.E.R.DSantigold and Nas opened up for him! Damn, that just made me feel old. So, needless to say I’m stoked for this one! Stay tune.


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