I think so therefore I am, and I-am-back! After a weeks worth of knowledge I can finally hit you with the follow up to, NEW ERA NO PROBLEM   I had all intentions on writing my little two cents on SmackDown Live after it aired, same as I did for Raw, following its first attempt to stand up to the Monday night juggernaut I just couldn’t do it. With no other reason then I was unbelievably disappointed and let down. After the awesome ride that was RAW I lost myself fullheartedly into The new era only to be pulled back down to earth by it’s newly retooled SmackDown Live. Which left me feeling a little bummed. Most were concerned with the roster list but my concerns lie in the booking of matches and the story that drives them. As I write it I laugh but at the time I really was bummed. I felt I needed to give it another week before I can really judge.
Nope! The second episode did have improvements but all of my concerns from the first week continued into the following. With so much new talent from NXT why not have them mix it up with some of the older stars. I’m not looking forward to AJ Styles and John Cena feud over and over again.   Cena doesn’t take true Ls which is uncommon among damn near every person in the audience. He claims to love the WWE universe but he won’t listen to the people he supposedly loves. We all feel oppressed by something in our lives at some point and we all hope to one day overcome and become champions in our own right. I feel like every member of the audience that chants John Cena sucks has seen something special in a new talent only to watch the new inspiration stifled by C nation time and time again. Leaving him with more of a Super Man complex. Unlike his earlier days. Come on John nobody can take anything away from you at this point and the kids are still going to love you. LOSE! lol Cena is a great guy but I can only pray for AJ.
Dolph Ziggler as number one contender is a bust not because he’s a bad wrestler but only because he’s been champion on SmackDown before.    Defeating the whole idea of a new era. I know he’s been looked over at time but he hasn’t always been looked over. I really feel like they’re missing out on really good opportunities by worrying about past hangups.
It would have been nice to have Apollo Crews in the main event at SummerSlam against Dean Ambrose  but I guess in due time. Yeah Apollo Crews not CREED. Damn Daniel WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!
I can’t even begin to talk about the vast difference in RAW women’s division and SmackDowns. I thought Becky  Lynch would be the obvious choice to highlight but how could her matches be taken seriously until we see a really serious effort out of Eva Marie? For now I’m looking for Natty to push Carmella to that next leave at the same time I’m liking her Black Heart vibe.
  As for the Tag team division you have no bigger potential then Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. At the same time I would have preferred to see more of a squash match for American Alpha. Like Nia Jax or Braun Strowman, with some jobbers taking the lost. Maybe then I wouldn’t have felt like I was watching WWE undermining the The Vaudevillains greatness because they don’t know how to write for them.
Really all in all there was some good but definitely more lack luster parts. I really wasn’t planing on going this deep into it but the more I think of SmackDown the more I get the feels about it. Let’s leave it as its a work in progress and for now your better off watching NXT and the CWC. Remeber its still way to early to tell.

Which by the way me and a few others from the group got a chance to catch #NXTHouston over the pass weekend. A unbelievable show that closed out Finn‘s and few others draft picks run there. Finn’s main event last match was a tag match between him & Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode. With the crowd chanting New Japan, TNA before the bell even rang. Right off the back Finn gets Roode in headlock and yells out “NEW JAPAN ALL DAY!” Getting a immediate bump from the crowd. Which was awesome. Of course the

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match was great and Finn got the win before Bayley came out and gave a heartfelt speech that im sure can be found on YouTube or some sort of social media.
On a side note during Asuka‘s match with Nia Jax, Nia performed what I’m calling ” the people’s leg drop ” that’s right just like the Rock. Just with her leg drop at the end instead of a elbow drop. With that one move it changed the whole room’s prospective of her. For a slight second leaving the audience confused on who to route for. It was, and I hate to sound like the Miz, Awesome!
The show was the ultimate topping to a crazy two weeks in wrestling so I thought. Now since the beginning of our site I’ve tasked myself with the wrestling post. Just because I’ve watched all styles and types since I was introduced as a little boy by my father. Gravitating to NXT and New Japan over the past few years. Which in turn brought me to write more heavily about Finn and Nakamura. Well let me just say this I’ve been lucky enough to have Finn notice what we’ve been doing here in Houston with SpaceCityCloud and was blessed with opportunity to meet up, sit down and actually chill with the leader of the Bálor Club,the future universal heavyweight champion, and all around great guy Finn Bálor. We talked for some time. I really got to see first hand everything Bayley said about him in her speech was true.

It wasn’t a interview just a hang out with a really cool guy that seem to love and stand for everything we believe in here at Cloud.Yes I asked some questions but I really feel like it’s between us and I just wanted him to feel welcomed in our city. If you haven’t seen the pictures on our Instagram go check it out. I’m officially a member of the Bálor/Bullet Club and I even got Finn in our latest shirt. So like alway leave ya boy some comments below and to everyone with a dream keep believing because I believe in you!


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