Who are the better fans? The Walking Dead v. Game of Thrones

The Walking Dead fans v. the Game of Thrones fans is the grudge match we’ve been waiting for!

Who are the better fans? That’s the burning question keeping me awake and driving me to write this! Fandom is the true measure of a shows success is it not? It’s not in awards and trinkets! So rise Game of Thrones fans like a Stark that hasn’t been murdered yet and reach for the iron throne! Rise Walking Dead fans and declare your- eh eff it. I just want to incite some $#*+!  >:-p

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Game of Thrones, great show, but how great is it? Walking Dead, phenomenal, but how phenomenal is it? The only way to know is to work both shows fans into a mouth foaming key (or touch key) frenzy! And I’ll be the first to say that with The Walking Dead season 7, which premiered this past Sunday Oct 23rd on AMC, TWD fans will be in full effect. You’re gonna see memes, social media omgs, cosplay, people hating their lives because they can’t just binge it, late night to early morning discussions, and of course The Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick (also on AMC).

Game of Thrones is done for the year, but it’ll bring the long herald “winter” back next summer in its own 7th season on HBO June 25, 2017. Or will it be spring is coming? I’ve yet to binge on the final season, but it’s suppose to be a long winter.

This will probably draw the line in the proverbial sand between contributing writer Shazam and I, but I’d give TWD fans the edge. Game of Thrones has scored 208 awards of its 339 nominations while Walking Dead has only 48 awards of their 141 nominations since premiering back in 2010. GoT premiered the following year.

BUT! As it stands The Walking Dead lords over Game of Thrones in viewership with a whopping 24.8 million linear viewers, per the Nielsen’s live + 7 day ratings based of season 6, according to the Wrap. Game of Thrones averaged in season 6 12.2 million viewers according to Nielsen and is #4 on IMDb’s top rated tv shows.

So fans now is your time! Now is the moment to strike a blow for your squad! Who are the better fans of the better show!?! Is it The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones!?!

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