Baby’s Badass Burgers – Houston @ 11 Below Brewing

Baby’s Badass Burgers – Houston @ 11 Below Brewing

Stepped out last Saturday with all intents and purposes of running some errands, but there was one thing that loomed over me.  I was hungry!  Do I settle for some played out fast food joint in passing as I go about my day?  Nah, it’s Saturday the best day of the week and I can do better than that.  So I did.  A local Willowbrook beer brewery 11 Below just off Cutten and Bourgeois has an open house every Thursday and Saturday featuring a select food truck to compliment their beer.  I was in the  neighborhood so I thought treat yo’self.  And so I did.

Enters Baby’s Badass Burgers Houston

With so many options, each more enticing then the last, I had to settle on one.  Being the tubby lumpkins that I am of course I’m going to eat like a big boy.


The Bombshell

Oh hell yeah!  The 1/2 pound Angus beef Bombshell is bookended by two grilled cheese King Hawaiian sandwiches: one with bacon and the other peppered with grilled onions (gotta have some veggies).

Don’t worry no bite was wasted 🙂

Oh and the sauce?  That’s Baby’s special sauce.  The only compliment this burger could ever need.  It’s creamy, just the right spice, blends with the buttery grilled cheese, and brings even more flavor with the juicy beef and grilled onions.  If I could have I would have had another!

These were the fine folks who served me that gorgeous bombshell and congratulated me on eating it like a man.  I’m going to be on the look out for Baby’s Badass Burgers Houston.  Next time I’m coming for all the other burgers and if there’s room in my man gut I’ll order the curly fries man vs food style!

Have you had the pleasure of eating at Baby’s Badass Burgers Houston?  What should I get next time?

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