TEKKEN 7 Return of the Mishima family


We are less then a week away from Bandai Namco Entertainment’s long awaited Tekken 7: Fated Retribution release and we here at cloud are beyond excited for this next installment in the iron fist tournament. 25247_bannerA proud gamer since a young age I can truthfully say I gravitate more towards the fighting game genre. I love my Marios , Zeldas , and Sonics but the replay factor of a fighting game is bit more rewarding to me. I truly love the sport of it. Doesn’t hurt that I have a long time rivalry with a lifelong friend.
Now when I say long awaited I’m pointing out the fact this games had a arcade release in Japan in March 2015. With an updated version, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, released July 2016. Just little over a year later. Giving our June 2 2017 release, that would bless our Japanese competitors about a two year head start. Unless you were one of the few lucky cities with an arcade that specialize in that type of thing. Don’t worry I’m one of those unlucky chumps. Luckily for me I recently had the opportunity to fill a lifelong dream and take a trip to Japan.
Staying not too far from a Sega arcade building I got a chance to get my hands on Tekken Seven myself. It did NOT disappoint. Always willing to test my skills in any fighting game,street fighter will always have claim to being my first true love. So yes right of the back I chose Akuma. 24727This is the franchise’s first time making use of the legendary Unreal Engine and can I get a 2sweet because this damn game is just beautiful. From head to toe this 38 fights roster looks like a million bucks seamlessly transitioning from in game action to animated cut scenes. Akuma himself in my opinion GraveSpecificAmericancreamdraftwas perfectly translated from Street Fighter to the Tekken eight way run system.  With a tight schedule I could only get a couple games in. The only other character I got my hand on was Paul Phoenix. I was playing it safe. With a win with Paul it was already settled, Namco , take my money. Now you can take my word for it or you can get the game June 2 and see for your selves. The Tekken 7 wave is coming and no one can stop it!

So like always leave your comments below. Let me know your thoughts about the game. Also here’s a cool picture of my new Tekken x Bullet Club t-shirt


I picked up on my last day in Japan. I do the wrestling post on here as well as gaming so when I saw Tekken and my favorite New Japan stable had a collab shirt you know I had to scoop one up. There’s even some NJPW DLC coming out for the game. Check it out if your a fan of both Wrestling and Tekken. I love a good cross promotion.


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