COWBOY BEBOP Live Action Show Talk + Cloud Fancast

It’s been announced that Cowboy Bebop, dubbed one of the greatest animes of all time, is next to get the live action treatment.  According to Variety the Cowboy Bebop live action tv series is being executive produced by Sunrise Inc, the studio behind the original anime, and Midnight Radio.  Adapted to television through a partnership, Tomorrow Studios, between ITV Studios and Marty Adelstein.  The adaption will be written by Chris Yost.

The story and premiere date for Cowboy Bebop’s live action series has not been set.  There’s no word yet on if it will take place after the highly debated “is he dead or not dead” series finale, or if it will be a loose adaption of each episode of the 1998 twenty-six episode anime.  I for one like all anime fans want them to not do it at all, but that’ll never happen so here’s my two cents.

Adapt the live action Cowboy Bebop to tell completely new stories that coincide with the original anime.  So don’t adapt the already existing stories, but new ones that fill in gaps, tell deeper back stories, or have them catch bounties that weren’t featured on the anime.  And for Pete sake leave the original anime ending alone!

Before you slam the interwebs with white washing shame remember Cowboy Bebop is a pretty international or interplanetary cast of characters, and I feel I picked a pretty good list to play them.





Here I would have to go with the Nerdist fan-casting list for Ein.  Plus when I Googled “corgi actors” this particular corgi popped up first, so yeah.  Unless your corgi has the chops to play a super intelligent bounty hunter pup the job’s probably pretty much his.



My original pick was Michael Jai White, but then I thought that would be a waste of his physical talent.  Next I thought maybe Terry Crews, who would just be playing a more serious version of his Brooklyn Nine-Nine character.  But Movie Pilot showed me the error of my ways! Colin would be perfect as a regretful retired detective father figure.



She was literally the first person that came to mind when I thought about who would be a good fit for Edward.  A child with boundless energy and brain power this computer hacking you lady will steal the show.  And Camern is pretty much the only good thing I liked about Gotham.  Plus she already has the hair cut.



A television alum, Emily is no stranger to playing a woman mixed up in some shady business.  Recall her time on the hit show “Revenge”?  Plus her star is pretty hot from her role as Agent 13 Sharon Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



After the way he was knocked off on the hit tv series, “The 100”, I’m pretty sure Thomas can find the psycho killer hell bent on taking over the mafia and killing Spike.



Faye was very hard to cast, but I finally settled on Willa from “Arrow”.  Her character is pretty much Faye sans the purple hair and being in suspended animation for 54 years.  She can con, cheat, and shoot with the best of them.



Another “The 100” alum that I think fits the bill.  He has the hair naturally.  He can act which is key with a character like Spike.  He has to go from charming, to funny, to poetic love torn soul, to jeet kun do practitioner over the course of each episode.  The CW has prepared Bob well.

So are you excited or mortified for the Cowboy Bebop live action tv series?  Think my list makes the cut or you can do better?  Let me know, until then.





Images: American Kennel Club,, Wiki, DC Comics, Pinterest, BuddyTV, Just Jared, Zimbo, Wikia,

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