Spider-Man: Homecoming, welcome back Parker 

Spider-Man: Homecoming releases this Friday July 7th starring Tom Holland, freaking Robert Downey Jr.; and now I’m hyperventilating…oh my god oh my god this is real!?!  When it was first announced that Marvel Studios and Sony had worked out a deal that would allow the beloved friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to swing his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe [MCU] and back into the hearts of true believers [Marvel fans] I basically questioned all reality.  Yet, here we are just hours away from what I feel will finally be the film that lives up to the statement, “it’s all connected”.

If Marvel Studios and Sony can pull this off then there may be more to discuss beyond the recently announced five picture deal reported by CBR.com.  Spider-Man could get an extended stay in the MCU.   It could show other studios that Marvel Studios could make great X-men and Fantastic Four movies for them.  If that happens– it makes me wonder just what did I do right in my life to deserve this!?!

This kind of partnership between movie studios is unprecedented, at least to my knowledge, where they get to share the same character.  Sony has agreed to let Marvel Studios use Spider-Man in: Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinite War, untitled Avengers, and Homecoming 2.  Truly teamwork can make the dream work!  And most importantly Spider-Man is hanging out with the Avengers!  [Fanboy scream, don’t care]

It’s crazy because only recently has Spider-Man been an Avenger having come on to the team in the “New Avengers” comics storyline.  Basically what this means for the fans of Marvel movies Peter Parker aka Spider-Man will be an official Avenger soon and maybe always.  He is fresh off his debut in Captain America: Civil War which saw the disassembling of the Avengers as we knew them.  If my speculations are correct he’ll be on the main roster along side Captain Marvel and Black Panther of the untitled fourth Avengers film.  I’m calling it The Mighty Avengers, but it could also be called New Avengers which sounds a little less exciting.

He’s also back home in New York with “hot” Aunt May [Marisa Tomei] and using the upgraded suit courtesy of Tony Stark [Iron Man].  Speaking of Spider-Man’s new suit I feel that it’s the best designed version of the suit in any of the Spider-Man movies.  Heck any comic book movie.  Michael Keaton playing the Vulture is perfect!  He was Batman for Pete’s sake.  I believe he’s got this.   In the comics Vulture was an old guy in a green leotard with wings.  Not my favorite, but Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Vulture looks badass.  And he gives a plausible threat for Spider-Man that he should be able to handle on his own.  The Avengers can’t show up all the time and they shouldn’t as Spider-Man is a solo act at his core.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the beginning of something big.  I’m sure the stand alone Spider-Man movies will deal with him growing in to a young hero with great power and great responsibility.  As for his team up Avengers movies he’s gonna get smacked around by Thanos and any other big bad [I’m hoping Kang the Conquer].

Spider-Man: Homecoming has received rave reviews and certified fresh on rotten tomato with a 93%.  It just may exceed expectations and start the process of bringing the MCU closer together.  It’s pretty much every true believers dream.  We are so excited here at Cloud and can’t wait to see it! Come back and let us know what you thought because we are watching tonight ba-be!

So look out!  Here comes the Spider-Man!

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