[Article contains spoilers]

Hey remember that list of shows I talked about recently in my 2017 Fall Premiere Dates article? Well one of the shows, season 3 of USA’s Mr. Robot, is still freaking money. Season 2 had it’s great episodes with unique ways of storytelling with the whole TV sitcom style to unravel Elliot’s back story in between all the real world messy bits. And then come to find out he’s been in prison the entire time and not at his mom’s house! Like G.T.F.O. here! Damn that’s just good TV. It was done in such a way that you yourself feel you can’t trust your own senses let alone Elliot’s. So naturally I couldn’t wait to see what season 3 of Mr. Robot held, and now five episodes in and I’m wishing I could just binge the damn thing!

EP 1. “eps3.0_power-save-mode.h”


We get the set up for this season. After being shot Elliot wants to fix the damage he caused with the hack. Mr. Robot has set Stage 2 in motion having E Corps records ship to a building they plan to blow up. Darlene joins up with the FBI because she’s scared shitless after a badass drive by on her and her bf in season two. Zhang (who’s also White Rose) Mr. Robot - Season 3and Angela want to reset reality itself, so…yeah there’s that now. The whole ending was shot especially well with the exchange between Angela and Mr Robot , who she can tell is not Elliot because he never looks away? And the song “Touch” by Daft Punk that’s played ties it all together. You try watching that and not clapping.

EP 2. “eps3.1_undo.gz”


The best part of this episode to me is when Elliot’s psychiatrist Krista finally meets Mr Robot because this whole freaking time she never knew Elliot had a split personality. What the fuck? But then I remembered in season 2 Elliot said no more lies we get to see everything. As the viewer you only know what he let’s you know and you just have to believe Elliot wouldn’t lie to you, right? So in season 3 we are getting all the answers, MV5BYjViMzgxYzAtMzgwZC00MmRiLTkwMWQtNDE3NmRjY2I4N2ZlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTg1MjA0OTA@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,999_AL_aren’t we? Mr Robot goes on to explain the relationship between Elliot and himself to Krista. Basically they were copilots with one taking over when needed, but now he comes and goes not always by choice. And I think it really means something that when Krista asked for his name he in turn asks her what does he call me. After an off hand threat he tells her she’ll never talk to him again and just like that he’s Elliot again. It was a good piece of writing and shot very well. It also sets a new dynamic. No longer son and father, but enemies as Elliot and Mr Robot both fight for control to stop the other. And we learn Philip wants Ecoin to be the new global currency a la bitcoin.

EP 3. “”


This episode we get to see what happened to Tyrell and fill in the gaps from last season. A lot of critics felt this episode was a waste but I think it was a nice way to tie up some leftover lose ends. Now we can move on with the story. And holy shit that FBI agent Santiago works for the dark army! He saves Tyrell from being arrested and brings him back to the dark army. Now we’ve caught up to the start of episode 1 after Tyrell shoots Elliot and learns about Elliot’s split personality from Angela who’s using that knowledge to manipulate Elliot for the dark army.

EP 4. “eps3.3_metadata.par2”

MV5BODg1MDlkMmQtNzAxOS00MDFlLThmNzEtMTk0YWI4ZjliNWY5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjc5Mjg0NjU@._V1_Darlene is able to avoid Elliot’s suspicions of her, bonding over their distrust of Mr. Robot. Elliot admits Stage 2 was never called off, suspecting Mr. Robot emerges at night to carry out his plans he asks Darlene to follow him. Darlene sees Mr. Robot leave with Angela. Now Tyrell has lost all faith in Elliot because he’s been delaying Stage 2 with one hand and helping it with the other. Its three days until Stage 2 is scheduled to happen. Angela has to tranquilizes Elliot when he emerges and sees Tyrell. Angela has Phillip Price fire Elliot to prevent him from interfering anymore. Tyrell wants himself and his family sent to safety in the Ukraine. Oh and he doesn’t know his wife is dead. That’s gonna be a thing. Darlene has a secret plan and makes a vengeance pact with Elliot. Did I mention I’m not a fan of Darlene or FBI Agent Dom. Nothing they did in particular, just not a fan of those two characters.

EP 5. “eps3.4_runtime-error.r00”

MV5BNGIzYjZlZmUtOGYyMy00ZTk3LTk1NTYtYmZkOGNmMTdjZWUzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTg1MjA0OTA@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,999_AL_With no memory of the past four days (who hasn’t been there), Elliot goes to work the day of the UN vote. The way they tied in the title “runtime-error” to explain his memory loss is creative genius. He soon realizes he’s been fired and unable to access his work computer. Stage 2 is happening. He tries to evade security to shut it down but is caught and escorted out. He tries calling in a bomb threat while a large gathering of anti E Corp protesters gather at the front of the building. Darlene appears, admitting she’s working with the FBI and Angela is working with Mr. Robot, which makes Elliot freak MV5BNmVkNjlhZGYtY2E5NS00NjAyLWJmYzAtMDUzMTgyNjEwODUwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTg1MjA0OTA@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,999_AL_out, but remember his lost days. The protesters break into E Corp, terrifying the workers. Irving calls Angela, stating that the riot is a distraction (perfect idea b.t.w.) so they can send Elliot to copy important data from an H.S.M. in a secure room before Stage 2 can really happen. For real. Angela over hears that the UN agreed to the annexation. I’m still unsure on what annexing the Congo does for China in the show, but it’s really important. Then she’s approached by a suspicious security guard. At this point Angela attracts the protesters, who attack the security guard, so now she can complete the assignment intended for Elliot, and passes the data to a Dark Army agent. Now it’s time to deal with an Elliot who knows everything.

This is just me scratching the surface. With the inclusion of what seems to be talks of parallel universes and alternate realities I’m hyped to see where this season and ultimately were the story for Elliot goes. Usually a show begins to write itself into a hole after the main character accomplishes what they set out to do in the first season. Mr. Robot is not one of those shows.  You get the big payoff and then some. And if the next payoff is Elliot hacks reality then whoa…okay I can dig it. Season 3 is currently averaging a 0.23 rating w/563,000 viewers. How is that number not more? Idk. It’s the prefect #woke show on TV right now with damn good writing and directing. Sound off in the comments below if you’re still tuning in. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to like and share. Subscribe to FB, Twitter, Instagram, and be sure to check out spacecityCLOUDS YouTube channel for even more great content!

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