Do you believe? Are we alone?

Are we alone on this Earth? Are we alone in this galaxy? Whether you believe or not, that is one of the biggest questions of any generation. That is the main reason why anyone has ever heard of Roswell or Area 51. img_0593

I know one thing though, Fox believes, and no I’m not taking about the TV station either. Anyone who grew up in the 90’s watching TV knows who I’m talking about. I’m talking about Fox Mulder. I’m talking about the X Files.

Image result for x files 2018

I’m talking about the longest running science fiction TV series to date. The X Files is an excellent TV series that mainly involves conspiracies, and honestly who doesn’t love a good conspiracy. The X Files, which started in 1993, is a little department in the FBI which looks deeper into the unexplained cases that the FBI just put off as “unsolved”. Okay little is kind of a understatement. The X Files consisted of: one agent on thin ice, who has a huge chip on his shoulder, and is partnered up with somewhat of a fresh logical minded doctor in hopes to “correct” his way of thinking, as far as the FBI is concerned. The main character is Fox Mulder. He witnessed his sister being abducted by aliens when he was just a boy and she was reported missing. Most people get abducted and return changed, terrified or have no memory at all. Sometimes they return with bruises, holes or something. He never saw her again. And as you would imagine anyone in that situation he spent the rest of his life tying to find answers, all the answers. I personally feel that nothing drives a person more than knowing something is true yet everyone is saying you’re wrong. That’s like saying you saw Bigfoot come from the woods and throw your car into a tree, and now your late for work. Now you have to tell your boss that you saw Bigfoot flip your car… that’s going to be hard no matter who you are. There’s no Bigfoot insurance, lol, there’s no neighborhood watch for Bigfoot. So Special Agent Fox Mulder is eventually partnered with Dana Scully, a doctor, who believes “everything has a reason, and science can explain any and everything”. And as you may have guessed following a series of events she happens to question her belief and also her sanity at times; and with that leading her not only to believe but also fall in love with Mulder. Fast forward to 2018, conspiracies are still going on. Non-believers are still in danger and I’m still sitting on the edge of my bed not knowing what I’m about to hear next. What’s going to happen.? You have to believe to find out. The X Files shows on Wednesdays, of course, on the Fox network.

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