Hungry Bites: Moon Tower Inn

Hey guys and gals guess who’s back at it again with the food?!?!?  Yeah it’s me, and happy to bring you another awesomely delicious hot diggity dog!  You heard that right a freakin hot dog!  Lucky for me the weather was perfect.. for once.  It’s definitely hard to get lucky and have nice weather 2 days in a row.  There was literally not a cloud in the sky (ironic I know since we are spacecitycloud). So Hannah and I set out to burst her gourmet hot dog cherry.

Gorgeous weather

Where Did I Go?!?!

Moon Tower Inn

3004 Canal St

Houston, Tx 77003


So this awesome little gem is in downtown just minutes away from minutemaid stadium. Wow I sound like apartment office ha! Anyways, this place is an amazing little craft beer bar.  Do not expect to walk in and get a  bud light or coors lite. Which I don’t even think they carry.  When you head down here make sure to drive a little slow because its pretty easy to pass up.

The Entrance

So this amazing little place is outdoors so be prepared to sit outside! (Dress for outside sitting) On a beautiful cool day its amazing, but it can be pretty miserable in the middle of summer when its a scorcher outside.  An ice-cold craft beer could easily change your mind.

The Ordering Part

While looking at the menu there is a lot to take in.  The front is the food menu from burgers, to hot dogs, to tacos, to “sammiches.”  The back has the entire beer selection which is mind blowing because they have so many options.  So if you talk to the bartenders (who are really friendly) they can guide you in a direction of what kind of beer you’re in the mood for.  The best part about going on Mondays is that you can buy the bad ass glass for 10 bucks and refill with any beer of your choice for only 5 bucks!  It’s a hell of a deal because the glass is ridiculously big.  I would say the glass is over 32 ounces.  Also you can bring back your glass and keep reusing it anytime you visit!  After a few minutes of browsing I decided on which 2 dogs I wanted.  At this moment I definitely wanted all of them.  When I tell you they have wild game hot dogs I definitely mean it.  They had elk, duck, bison, pheasant, quail, lamb, boar, deer, rabbit you name it.  When you pick a hot dog it comes plain and you can top it with anything on the menu.  Since I’ve been here before I know what to put on top.  Hannah asked if the chef could put the toppings just no raw onion she says.  So if you are terrible at decision-making the chef will top your dog.

The Waiting

Choose a table
Even more seating

I ordered and now I wait.  With great food comes great amounts of waiting.  Be patient and drink your ice cold beer and hang out.  Atleast that’s what Hannah and I did ha.  Time definitely flies when you are out there just hanging.  Be prepared to wait because they do take their time to make these materpieces. Also if there were a lot of orders ahead of you it may take awhile.  When they finally called our number, you go to a window on the side and pick it up.  It is not high tech so be sure to listen for your number because they use the old fashion yell, “NUMBER 448.”  So when I heard my magical number you better believe I was excited.  I jumped up like a little boy at a carnival running to his prize.


The Best Part

The food is here! The food is here! Hot diggity dog the food is here!  Just remember there is no “we” in food.  Whats mine is mine and sometimes I share.

Left: duck hot dog   Right: pheasant hot dog

So I know it looks insanely amazazing.Warning stop here and get something to eat because my mouth is watering writing this.  Like I mentioned before I picked the toppings for my two gorgeous looking dogs.  As if these hot dogs aren’t amazing enough the bun is a perfectly salted pretzel bun.  Not too salty, but just enough to give the dog an extra amazing flavor.  On the left is the duck dog marinated in apple brandy.  Boy I tell you what, so much flavor burst out of that first bite.  I topped this dog with feta cheese, spicy catsup, and creole mustard.  Wow! Wow! Wow!  I took my first bite and literally almost fell out of my chair.  Its impossible not to finish one of these dogs.  I tasted the love that the chef put into making this beautiful monstrosity.  You can definitely taste the sweetness of the dog and it’s just enough to make a grown man cry.  The other dog on the right that I ordered was the pheasant marinated in cognac.  This pheasant dog was topped with sambal mayo, cilantro, spicy catsup, and of course feta.  In case you didn’t notice I love feta.  This was not as sweet as the duck but equally amazing in its own perfect way.  The way the buns crunched when biting in the dogs is on fleek for sure!  Equally salty and sweet and not overpowering.  Each bite leaves you wanting more and more.  Oh and if you are trying to eat this pretty it’s not going to happen.  This is for sure a messy dog so be prepared to go all in!  (Lots of napkins were used in the eating of this dog).

Blue cheese potato salad

True to its name there was blue cheese with a perfect balance of mayo.  I’ve never had a new potato salad and this was definitely great.  Not much of a blue cheese man or a potato salad man, but this goes mad hard in the paint!  New potatoes definitely make a huge difference.

The Grade I give this place is..

On the Lemweezy Richter scale I give this place an A1, A++ for sure.  This place will always leave you wanting more. It’s an awesome outdoor atmosphere and must be enjoyed by all.  The only downfall is the hot dogs aren’t large so 2 would never cut it for me.  If the weather is bad(rainy) or humid and hot then you won’t enjoy yourself outdoors.  Food is amazing! The burgers are also good and definitely more filling than the hot dogs.  The beer is ice-cold and everyone here is pretty chill, no matter when you go. Definitely go Mondays because of the 5 dollar beers.

A quick summary for ya’ll

  • Mondays are a great day to go because of the 5 dollar beer
  • Swing by you won’t regret it
  • Drink one of the many craft beers on tap
  • Enjoy the atmosphere
  • Don’t come alone
  • Order a crazy good gourmet dog
  • Eat, Drink, Hang, repeat

I definitely left a little tipsy needless to say, but was well worth the travel!  I will also definitely come back! I appreciate the love friends and family!  Let me know if there is another place I should tackle.


Disclaimer:  These are my own personal opinions and was not sponsored.

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