Welcome to Houston pt.2

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One of my top 20…top 23 fears is showing someone a boring time. For example, your favorite cousin comes from out of town and stays for the weekend. Never been to Houston. Never been down south. This weekend has to be a memory that pleads for an encore. This city has endless options and opportunities. Now, we know I was neither born nor raised in Houston, but I’ve lived here for a while so I can attest to some of the hype. Houston is rapidly growing having just recently hosted the Final Four and early next year hosting the Super Bowl, tourists are year round. So if someone says ” I’m just visiting and never been here before. Where do I go and what do I try?” What do you tell him or her? Well we have a number of breweries to visit and tour. Plenty of clubs, lounges, and bars from downtown to midtown. I would say no to professional games. There’s a professional team in damn near every state, I’m sure that person has been to a baseball game. With that being said I’m not going to mention any historical places either. I don’t want to say the same thing that you’ll find on the tourist booklet you pick up at the Airport. A great vacation is one with very little souvenirs, maybe one picture to go along with the stories of the people and the food. I feel that Houston is the best spontaneous city there is. Don’t know what to do? Just take a drive and you’ll find something. Take a trip downtown,jrc photo 2 depending on the time of year, Houston is always having an unique and entertaining festival. All kinds ranging from the Kite Festival ( which was this month ) to much more preparation that comes with the Magical Winter Lights. Every last Friday of the month downtown host Critical Mass. Critical Mass are hundreds of people riding their bikes, taking over the streets, stopping at multiple bars along the way. We are riding bikes and bar hopping. If you don’t like to try new things then you’re in the wrong city. jrc photo 3I hope they’re lucky enough to visit during crawfish season. Also the Crawfish Festival, one located in Old Town Spring and the other in Kemah. Plain and simple, just experience it. On the day that you’re out sight seeing or day drinking stop by a food truck. Okay food trucks aren’t solely in Houston but ours are among the best and it wouldn’t hurt having Houston being your first. Ending a great night, a little intoxicated, and need some food? Whataburger ( 24 hr fast food )will sing to your soul and put you right to sleep. Need to get up early? Kolaches are your first, second, and third answer. Kolaches are Houston’s very own and unique breakfast treat. It’s a sausage link with cheese and sometimes jalapeño baked in dough. Not stopping there Kolaches can have ham or even Boudin depending on your Kolaches spot. Along side the Kolaches to complement usually are doughnuts, doughnut holes, and more ” eat as you go ” items. Or perhaps go to the Breakfast Klub, Houston’s best breakfast restaurant, a mixture of American and soul food dishes. I didn’t feel the need to mention BBQ because you can go through the entire state of Texas and find great BBQ. Okay, now I’m not saying don’t go and support the Texans or not to visit the Museum of Natural Science. Aye, our mall, the Galleria, literally has any and everything you are looking for.

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I’m just saying there’s nothing wrong with places on the tour guide but that doesn’t show you why we love Houston. You have to find those hidden gems that cater to you. The best places are never advertised but everyone knows about. That’s definitely Houston.


all photo cred goes to the very talented Jessica Cano.

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