I wish I had your problems 

Children are so naive. They are the luckiest people in the world. Everybody helps a little kid out. Even if a kid was scared of something a complete stranger would help. Childhood fears were nothing but the dark, monsters in the closet, and the occasional toy coming to life at night to try and kill you. What happen when you were little and scared of the dark. Your parents would put a light in the room right? One little light was usually just fine for me. Makes no sense at all now but, that little light was the savior for so many of us. I don’t know why a light that glows dim, that shines one-eighth of the room and leaves everything else pitch black was good. But it works so I’m not arguing. Monster in the closet? No problem as soon as dad checks it out and keep the closet closed. The youngest version me never dabbled in the thought of danger. I use to think jumping out of trees was cool. Just climb up, walk into a action scene, and dive off. Trees were everything to a boy with no fears, some friends, and an elaborate imagination. Now all grown up I don’t even know why I would be in a tree. In the movies the kid is never scared of ghosts. The entire movies he ghost is killing the family but the kid just made a friend. Kids aren’t afraid of any germs. Kids will eat anything, go home from playing in dirt and with bugs and sit right down for dinner. I once had to stop a kid trying to eat his hotdog and fries right after finger painting. His hands had old and new paint mixed together. I do believe this kid was serious his painting. I mean I love fries too but if I look down and my hands are blue and green…I’m not eating. Finger painting is a MUST wash your hands right after project. And kids are so limber. Fall down a whole stair case and not have a scratch on them. I’ve seen, on the news or social media, a little child gets run over by a car and then gets up and walks off? No worries other then the occasional stand off with vegetables at night. I grew up too fast. I took all that for granted.

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