Road to Comicpalooza 2016

comicpalooza 2016

As we near the end of spring and into the summer the city of Houston prepares for one of our biggest events: Comicpalooza. This event is held at the George R. Brown Convention Center June 17-19. There are a lot of attractions there to go see such as cosplay, comics, clothing and esports.   We will talk about the esports section here. So this year the gaming department works with Fight Sessions.  A small company that was developed by a huge fan of fighting games & the help of a small child. They will feature 4 solid game titles: Street Fighter V, Pokken, Smash Bros, and Killer Instinct. In addition Fight Sessions is hosting some online competitions on June 15 to prepare for Palooza weekend. Their event is worth every penny to check out.

Fight Sessions will also be in attendance with SpaceCityCloud booth to help support local artist & business. They have a great line up of T-shirts for sale for that weekend.  If you have followed the esports company you might have seen them at Neil’s Bahr, Kit Revival, All-Con, Final Round, Victoria Con,Texas ShowDown, DreamHack, Killer Kaiju Comic Book Store, Bambu, Retropalooza, Arcade Expo, Traders Village Comic Con and Texas Gaming championship. This has been the road to date for the hype of Comicpalooza. You can follow them on Twitter,Instagram,Facebook, and Twitch. Below are the urls for the sign up pages for the online & offline competitions.  Come out to support Houston. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces.

Sign Up Page Below:

Fight Sessions Event/Tournament Signups

Comicapalooza Ad 2

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