Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare

I was debating whether I should write a piece on KO… Honestly, I’ve just been lazy. It’s intimidating writing now a days when the rest of your team is awesome. Ha ha!

We LOVE wrestling, but you already knew that. Did you know that I have a thing for bad guys? As snobby as they are, I like that they demand attention and know how to entertain the crowd. One in particular is Kevin Owens aka KO. I remember seeing him on NXT and saying “Who is this out-of-shape guy trying to wrestle?” Draven turns to look at me with a stupid look on his face and says “What?! Are you kidding me. This guy is great!” I of course being the hater that I am was like “Yeah right”, but boy did KO shut me the hell up every week.

He can work the mic, stir the crowd and geez is he athletic. I mean really athletic. I couldn’t believe this man was doing cannonballs, power bombs, moonsaults and even swanton bombs!

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He is one of the most versatile wrestlers right now. He can work with any angle WWE throws at him. I love that he talks shit to Byron Saxton, Michael Cole, goes off on people on Twitter and even the crowd at WWE matches. He speaks what’s on his mind, and doesn’t take any bull and I appreciate his originality. People might not like his outbursts, but KO will make sure you put some respek on his name.


So, turns out I had to eat my words. This man was good. Oddly enough I became obsessed with him and couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t take it anymore, I googs (googled) him! It all made sense he has so many similarities to James aka Draven it’s kinda eerie same height, age, body frame and same crazy passion for wrestling. James can even do KO’s cannonball! Trust me on that. (I have the proof, just ask me) It’s basically like I’m living with a black version of KO. A Black Kevin Owens. I like the sound of that.

Check him out on WWE Raw Monday nights on the USA Network at 7 p.m. and for some good laughs follow him on Twitter @FightOwensFight

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