Apple Watch is it worth it?

If I recall correctly, it will be almost 1 year that Draven and I got the iPhone 6s and we were beyond excited when we took them out of the box. Mind you the last phones we had before our much needed upgrade was the iPhone 4.Yikes! We decided to upgrade because we were intrigued by the live photos feature, how quick and efficient it was to navigate and access stuff on the phone. Which is the main reason I became an iPhone lover and zero regrets about it. I don’t care how “cool”the other phones try to look I still think the iPhone is far more user-friendly and yet I’m not completely satisfied. LOL. I have one compliant. Why must Apple come out with new shit every year! I understand it’s business strategy, but shit “You’re killing me smalls!”With all that said, the iPhone 7 and most importantly the Apple Watch series 2 got major upgrades that I personally love.

I feel like Apple revolutionized the phone industry with the Apple Watch in 2015. It was every Power Rangers’ fan dream come true. We could finally have a wrist communicator  to contact Zordon and Alpha and feel like a bad ass. I kept telling myself I will get my hands on that watch, but I remained patient and decided to wait. Then the reviews were out and they were, eh, not too great. The battery only lasted a little more than a day. The interface was confusing. The apps loaded slowly, the screen was not bright, and there was a lack of built-in GPS. Needless, to say I was glad I waited because then Apple Watch series 2 released and Apple got good reviews where it lacked the last time.

Luckily, for me, the wonderful Draven surprised me with the Apple Watch series 2 gold rose model for Christmas!  So, of course I had to put it up to the test and see if it lived up to the reviews. This is what I found:


The Good: I can pic what watch face to use. The battery lasts a long time so far I’ve been able to go 2.5 days without charging. Nice! The screen is definitely bright and clear if anyone has series 1 maybe we can compare. I like the alarm app, lord knows I need as many alarms to help me in the morning. I haven’t ran outside so I can’t speak on the GPS tracking, but it does track my daily steps and miles walked. The activity app is awesome for keeping track of my workouts, how long I spend working out, it tracks my daily calories burned and reminds me to stand and walk around since I am sitting majority of the time. Probably my favorite app on the watch since I consider myself a gym junkie. I like that the apple pay feature is on the watch I just wished a lot more stores got with the program, it’s such a time saver. The message and email app is a time saver too, when at the gym I like being able to respond immediately, if necessary. I like that the notifications pop up and stay on the watch for meetings, to do lists, and even doctors appointments it helps me be more organized. I thought it would be a waste of time for the watch to notify me of things because the phone is of no help to me, but so far it’s been keeping me organized and on time for important meetings. I get twitter, messenger, ESPN and Instagram notifications which come in handy when I’m bored and don’t want to get my phone out during meetings. The music feature is also a plus. I have not had a chance of swimming, but I do like the waterproof feature and how it tells me to spit the water out if its clogged. The sleek design is also a plus.

img_0487      img_0488

The Bad: I wish it had a built in camera so it could take pictures and videos, then I really wouldn’t need any need to take out my phone. Ha. I cannot get the Facebook app on the watch or its notifications, but maybe that’s a good thing. Although, I like the music app feature it does not play music on the actual watch your iPhone or wireless earphones are needed. I also don’t like the fact that it requires your iPhone’s bluetooth connection for the watch to work at its full capacity.

Overall I love this watch so far, so if you have been debating whether to get the Apple Watch now is the time!

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