Really, who DOESN’T like pizza?

Like the title indicates, pizza is loved and admired everywhere. Pizza is great. Kids love it, parents love it, single people love it, and health freaks miss it. A person can put damn near anything on pizza and someone would eat it… And this( ^ ) is just some mild modifications. So without further ado; I want to randomly give a shoutout to Pizza Guy. For anyone who doesn’t know about Pizza Guy please, let me. Let me start by saying I don’t think they have the best pizza this side of the Mississippi or that their wings will make you slap anybody. The pasta isn’t bad for a pizza place but the cheese bread is pretty good, I get it every time. I’m just giving praise because it’s basically a Dominos that stays open til 4am. Yes!! I honestly don’t know when they actually open but who cares about that? Closing times are the only thing that matters to late nighters. And when asked, I know that they’re open after a good night of drinking. Look, everyone loves pizza. Lol that’s it, that’s my argument, it’s pizza people. You couldn’t imagine the feeling a person gets when a fresh and large pizza is being delivered at your doorstep maybe a little after 3 o’clock in the morning. Most of the time, yes, alcohol is a factor but nonetheless you’re eating pizza. In the early morning I’m choosing pizza over a burger and fries every time. If you’re still out there Pizza Guy, THANK YOU. You helped me many a nights and I always hope you will be around.

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