Where Dreams Come True

I’m sure this place is in everybody’s bucket list, or at least you thought of it being on your bucket list at some point, Japan. This place is known to be a magical place, it is an experience like no other and after years of dreaming of going to Japan…we finally made our dreams come true. We only had a little over a week to explore, so there’s not so much to cover. Best believe on our soon to be next trip back to Japan we will have a lot more to talk about.

This was a sprung of the moment trip and it was just Draven and I. So, in preparation for it we looked up videos of what to pack, how to pack and what interesting places to see from. I studied the subway system back and forth -didn’t get lost BTW- and saved a Japanese version of it on my phone as well. I created an itinerary with Draven’s and I interest in mind, I was trying not to be so selfish which tends to happens on trips. LOL. Our trip consisted of a mixture of nerdy stuff (me) and a tornado of pop culture, mangas and, of course, anime. We both are food lovers so there was tons of stuff we wanted to eat, and we did.

After much debate we have decided to showcase our video making skills and have created our very first CLOUD adventure video that is now on YouTube. We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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